Carrot Pearls (Pack of 5)


"Absolutely loved these, like a mini bite of granny’s carrot cake, although dare I say it – slightly better"

92 recently sold

Carrot sponge cakes with a cream cheese frosting centre topped with nibbed walnuts.

  • 40% fewer calories
  • 30% less sugar
  • Source of fibre
  • With 12% real carrot
  • With 15% quark
  • Free-range eggs
  • No palm oil
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial flavours
  • Free from colours
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Slimming and Weight Watchers friendly
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Typical Values Per 100g Per Pack (80g) Per Pearl (16g)
Energy (kJ) 905 724 145
Energy (kcal) 216 173 35
Fat (g) 5.0 4.0 0.8
of which Saturates (g) 1.2 1.0 0.2
Carbohydrates (g) 36.5 29.2 5.8
of which Sugars (g) 22.4 17.9 3.6
Fibre (g) 3.1 2.4 0.5
Protein (g) 6.8 5.4 1.1
Salt (g) 0.71 0.57 0.11

Very Low Fat Fromage Frais (Milk), Reduced Fat Soft Cheese (Milk), Sugar, Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Carrot Puree (11.6%), Rapeseed Oil, Currants, Humectant (Vegetable Glycerine), Bulking Agent (Cellulose), Cornflour, Pasteurised Free Range Dried Whole Egg, Dried Skimmed Milk, Raising Agents (Disodium Diphosphate, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate), Walnut, Natural Flavouring, Wheat Starch, Cinnamon Powder, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Thickener (Xanthan Gum)

For allergens including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold. May contain other Tree Nuts, Soya, SulphitesPeanut

Net weight 80g

Our Pearls have a shelf life of 5 days in a cool cupboard, and up to 30 days when refrigerated. They last for 2 months when frozen from receipt.

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  • mdrhearn

    Healthy alternative to carrot cake! These are delish!

  • James Leonard

    These are one of my favourite cakes in the store, so moist and tasty

  • Nicola Davis

    These were delicious already ordered a second batch.

  • Gemma Davies

    I wouldn’t normally order carrot cake but I ordered these on offer and they ended up being one of my favourites! The flavour is amazing and the filling so creamy 🙂

  • Sarah MacGregor

    Probably may favourite. Love the taste of these they’re very more-ish.

  • colinbpaterson

    Moist and tasty carrot cake pearls are one of my favourites. Freeze well.

  • juliettedunn34

    My current faves. Sweet and gently spicy. Very moreish

  • Lauren Davey

    One of my favourites! Perfect calorie-friendly replacement for a slice of carrot cake!

  • Jessica Addison

    Lighly spiced and very more-ish! I’d say ‘just like the real thing’ but we’re complete ‘cake converts’ in this house and have SB Pearls as a matter of course now! This is ‘the real deal’ for us. Light, full of flavour but without the heaviness you get from traditional cakes.

  • Jessica Addison

    Lovely and moist and lightly spiced. Really yummy and just like the ‘real’ thing! To be honest though, it’s so nice to enjoy cake without the heavy, dense texture and overly rich flavours. We’re complete Skinny Bakery converts in this house!

  • hayley_thomas1

    Highly recommended buying these.

  • juliettedunn34

    Really hitting my carrot cake cravings

  • juliettedunn34

    Really hitting my carrot cake cravings. Just right amount of spice and sweetness

  • Moran Oliver

    My favourite so far.. absolutely love carrot cake so this felt so naughty and so nice.

  • Sandra Riddle

    Perfect carrot cake in a wee bite! So hard to only eat one!

  • Shirley Cuthbertson

    Ordered these for a friend. She was amazed at how yummy they were.

  • Parris Brown

    Delicious. My favourite so far. Moist and full of flavour! A hero when craving a sweet treat (or 5!)

  • sachacrisp

    These are amazing, definitely my favourite ❤️

  • Sara Mears

    Really delicious. I had 2 and felt satisfied. I will have the other 3 tomorrow!

  • Nicola Armstrong

    Absolutely love these.
    Packed full of flavour and low in calories.
    Just perfect

  • Liam Thornton

    Gorgeous flavour

  • mrs.a.johnson

    These are way too good to only be 173 calories for the whole box, they are so soft and tasty and really deal with my cake craving guilt free.

  • Rachel Trinder

    Great for carrot cake lovers who want a low calorie option. A repeat purchase for me.

  • Tiegan Picton

    Both my partner and I thought this had an orange essence sort of flavour to it. And unfortunately I don’t like any orange flavoured things so it wasn’t my favourite which is a shame as I love carrot cake

  • Anita Csirke

    This is one of my favourites, it’s sweet, spicy and creamy, really lovely.

  • Kim Findlay

    Out of all the different ones I got to try These Carrot Cake pearls are definitely my favourite 😍 😋
    Absolutely delicious and really help when the sweet tooth kicks in xx

  • Karen Hemson

    Really tasty – you’d never know they are so low in calories. Highly recommended

  • Emma Dillane

    Carrot cake has to be my go to cake, and these carrot pearls don’t disappoint, my little treat to myself without the guilt.

  • staceykelsall

    I gave these a try because I’m trying to cut down and following the WW plan. These are lovely! Really wasn’t sure what to expect but after a couple of them you really feel like you’ve had a piece of carrot cake! Would highly recommend to anyone with a sweet tooth!

  • Katie Williams

    These are soooooo good. Kicked my sugar craving and tasted amazing. Like a tiny piece of carrot cake 🥕🍰 Will order these again.

  • Jade Mullins

    I absolutely love carrot cake and these hit the spot!

  • Elizabeth Lucas

    I LOVE carrot cake and these pearls are amazing! Super low in calories when compared to having even a slice of carrot cake but even more tasty in my opinion. The exact right level of a nice spice and creamy frosting to perfectly balance the flavours. 10/10 from me. I’d definitely recommend trying them for yourself if you haven’t already.

  • Jo McCarthy-Morris

    Sweet, spicy and creamy, the perfect combination of everything. Five pearls inhaled with no guilt!!


    These gorgeous little pearls were so delicious. Really good carrot cake. They are alo very versatile I had mine with my breakfast yoghurt and fruit, yummy way to start the day!

  • Sarah Haytree

    Wow! Definitely my favourite of favourites. Just the right amount of spice yet rich and decadent. More please!

  • Katherine Drummond

    Absolutely stunning so delicious

  • Lucie Bell

    Perfect amount of spice

  • kerrywaters81

    Carrot cake is my fav so I was really happy to find these. Perfect with a cup of tea in the evening, as a little treat!

  • Rachel Trinder

    Great order/delivery experience and while these are currently in the freezer, I will be accessing them soon as the lemon drizzle pearls are nearly gone (they are so good). Looking forward to them.

  • Hazel Kaye

    Tasted delicious and delivered very quickly.

  • Jordan Rodgers

    These are literally identical to normal carrot cake, absolutely gorgeous would recommend 10000 times!
    The cream could be a teeny bit wetter and sweeter but this is just nitpicking. Love that there’s still all the texture of nuts that you get in a typical carrot cake in here. Gorgeous!

    I wish there was a bigger size option for all of the pearls, so we had the option as I usually have 2 to satisfy me, 1 bigger one might be perfect!

  • Jessica Addison

    Very authentic flavour and the spices really came through! My husband and I shared these and argued over the final Pearl so they were a definite hit!

  • SAMANTHA Chown

    Revived my first bundle of little pearly delights today! I dove straight in and ate these first! I have found my new (NOT SO) guilty pleasure! These were so so yummy! I’ve been healthy eating for 4 months and have been looking for something to hit that “sweet spot” without having to count the sugar fat and calorific and wincing! These are PERFECT! Cannot wait to try the other flavours…I must resist for a few days or so as I ate the whole tub of carrot pearls! So so yummy and hand one heart the best carrot cake I’ve tasted!! I will be recommending to everyone!

  • dee_land_uk

    Really enjoyed these and would def recommend. Super tasty and low in calories!

  • Linzi Budgen

    Taste amazing and can’t complain with the amount of calories. Will definitely be ordering more

  • Emma Wilsdon

    These taste better than the real full fat thing! So delicious and low in syns if following SW

  • bethww

    Oh my gosh these are so divine! Absolutely lush!

  • shanice.stevens615

    Thought I would try these as they are something different and even tho I’m not a fan of carrots these are lovely

  • Faye Withers

    These were one of the best tasting pearls in my box set. The cream cheese flavoured filling was lovely and there was the nice spice taste you get with carrot cake.

  • Faye Withers

    These were one of the best tasting pearls in my box set. The cream cheese flavoured filling was lovely and there was the nice spice you get with carrot cake.

  • Olivia Drury

    It really tastes like carrot cake, strong cinnamon flavour which i love and the frosting was good too.

  • nikkiwill76

    These are lovely .so moist ,one of my favourites.

  • sarah collyer

    Really tasty and good flavour.

  • Jen Setterfield

    Honestly didn’t think I’d get that gorgeous carrot cake without all the calories. These defo hit the spot. Will be ordering again. Thank you.

  • Carol Walshe

    Taste exactly like carrot cake. Lovely low calorie treat with amazing taste and texture. Always on my shopping list.👍

  • helenro1901

    I love carrot cake and this is definitely a good substitute for any carrot cake lover!

  • Kirsty Riddick

    So yummy, hard to only have one 😉

  • daynabateman

    Tastes so much like a full fat carrot cake, it’s crazy! The cream cheese frosting is to die for!

  • maygilfillan

    This just taste like the real carrot cake .

  • Sue Pearce

    Excellent taste very good carrot cake which I loved and they are very moist just as a great carrot cake should be.

  • Natalie Latham

    If you love carrot cake you’ll love these! Moist and delicious. Great carrot cake flavour.

  • Hannah Le Roux

    Lovely treat and so happy about the low calories.

  • lauren-95

    Wow! If you’re a carrot cake lover like me, these certainly do not disappoint. Perfect blend of spice and icing.
    Added bonus – no icky raisins or sultanas!!

  • loftykatieabbie

    Carrot cake is one of my favourites, and these little beauties definitely didn’t disappoint

  • Kathryn Smith

    These are my favourite of the skinny pearls, the flavour is so good, it is hard to believe they are only 34 calories each 😊

  • Sophie Gallagher

    These are amazing

  • Sam Woodward

    I love carrot cake, and I’m very fussy as it has to taste just right. Definitely a 10/10

  • Erika Birnie

    My absolute favourite order every time really does taste like a full fat carrot cake.

  • Chloe Cuthill

    Tastes just like a full calorie carrot cake but obviously without full calories.

  • Claire Thornton

    Love love love! So juicy and sweet. Possibly my fave out of all the ones I’ve tried

  • Alex Crow

    Carrot cake is my favourite so I was worried these wouldn’t live up but they do!!! So good. Will order again

  • Amy Bartlett

    Carrot cake is my absolute fave, and these did not disappoint! Gorgeous little treat.

  • prettylittlephoenix86

    So moist and soft!

  • Amanda Armstead

    What a lovely product!
    This was my first time ordering, and these did not disappoint!
    Gorgeous and light cakes, and didn’t feel like they were low fat at all.
    A real treat on my diet and I will definitely be ordering more!

  • Jo Stevens

    Skinny Bakery – where have you been all my life?! These are incredible!

  • Nicola Dolman

    Delicious with an afternoon coffee. Really helping with portion control and fits in perfectly with calorie counting

  • Marie Barnett

    Firm favourite! Great for the sweet cravings!

  • Lorna Bailey

    One of my favourite

  • Lorna Bailey

    So yummy! Definitely recommend

  • clr0405

    So yummy! The nuts on the bottom are such a nice crunch and give it that extra kick.

  • Tracey Farley

    A tasty little bite of carrot cake. A guilty pleasure without the calorie worry.

  • Angela Dearson

    These are absolutely delicious, how can something with so few calories taste like cake heaven!!!

  • Linda Van-Rossi

    Bought as part of the taster pack, I’ve really enjoyed these little tasty morsels. Recommended

  • Linda Van-Rossi

    Bought as part of the taster pack, I’ve really enjoyed these little tasty morsels. Recommend you try them

  • Michelle Stirling

    love these, only downside is I want to eat the whole box in one go!

  • Alyson Howe

    You just can’t beat a good carrot cake and these take the cake!

  • s.k.simic

    In my opinion, these are the tastiest flavour in the skinny bakery range. I love these.

  • clarecoxy

    These are small but so satisfying and they really pack a punch. So much better than other carrot cakes too. How they taste so good with so little calories is mind boggling!

  • saramartin866


  • saramartin866

    Beautiful soft tasty treats

  • Thom Panto

    Got the multi box pack and this was by far my favorite one!
    Great spice, light and airy, full of flavor and not to grainy like some of the others.
    Will definitely be ordering again!

  • Stephen Thomson

    Went down incredibly well!

  • kerrygold007

    Great tasting treat go fab with a coffee! My afternoon treat delicious

  • sadie williams

    these were my favourites in the pick n mix box, tasted spot on with a bit of heat to them, will be back to buy more.

  • Philippa Bolton

    Really nice texture & a lovely flavour with a slight hint of citrus. Love the cream cheese centre as not too overly sweet.

  • maureen.craven

    Carrot cake just like gran used to make but not the calories xx

  • annapickard

    These were unexpectedly very nice liked the nuts that were in them again would definitely buy again and recommend them

  • Kat Ede

    The carrot pearls are one of my favourites. Really enjoyed these. Will be buying again!!!

  • Samantha Abraham

    Very sweet love them with a cup of tea

  • Lindsay Gordon

    Perfect to satisfy a craving with morning coffee!

  • Samantha Abraham

    Really yummy and actually tastes like a mini carrot cake too

  • Emma Lloyd

    Wow! Wow! Wow! These tasted naughty! So moist!

  • debhutton81

    My absolute favourite, nay one problem I want to eat them all. I freeze and take out what I need so I’m not tempted. 1 personal point on WW, what’s not to like.

  • patwood01

    My favourite. Delicious. Highly recommend

  • Jackie Beeching

    These tasted amazing. Will definitely order these again.

  • Jen Downie

    Very tasty although a slight aftertaste in the frosting

  • maureen.craven

    Love these when I’m feeling peckish with a cuppa thank you skinny bakery xx

  • Sarah Waters

    These were gorgeous and so much like carrot cake, nice and moist and quite filling to.

  • Vicky Shields

    Full of flavour, and just enough for a little snack

  • Shirley Love

    Absolutely love these

  • debbie.johnston

    Tastes just like the real thing without all of the calories

  • yasaminrg

    I can’t believe how delicious this is! The sponge is so tasty and the frosting in the middle is delicious. Definitely one of my favourite flavours, I’ll be ordering this again for sure.

  • Hayley Alsbury

    I can not believe how amazing these taste! So fresh and one of the best carrot cakes I’ve ever had!!

  • Alisha Dufton

    My favourite

  • charlotte_nina

    Amazing! One of the best carrot sponges I’ve ever had, low calorie or otherwise. The flavour is so fresh due to the high vegetable content and lovely cream cheese filling, and the cake is deliciously moist and very well spiced. This is an absolutely stunning product that I have been recommending to others and will definitely be ordering again!

  • anitajgooderham

    Lovely lovely cakes.

  • elliegross

    I loooove these. They’re so tasty! Carrot cake is one of my favourite cakes but it’s not so good for the waistline so I’m thrilled to have found these. Low calorie but high flavour!

  • jenniferkerrison

    Love love love these, better than a slice of carrot cake!

  • Naomi McCulloch


  • Sian Sobrero

    Really yummy, possibly my favourite so far.

  • christina simeou

    Fantastic flavour, exactly how the best carrot cake taste but for minimal calories and carbs.

  • Natasha Eftychiou

    One of my favourites. I love the subtle crunch of the carrot flavour but still sweet and not damaging to my diabetes. Love these.

  • Kirsty Crook

    Very tasty cakes, great treat without the guilt!

  • Kay Cockle

    Omg if you like carrot cake you’ll love these
    I could have ate the whole lot
    But honestly I never I had to share with my husband because he also like carrot cake

  • christina simeou

    Amazing flavour, could have happily eaten the whole box. Tasted exactly how you would want and expect carrot cake to taste. Would thoroughly recommend

  • zoeybrookes1987

    The best carrot cake I have ever had. No guilt after eating them and perfect with a coffee!

  • Tracie Baldock

    Love this classic and the extra seeds/toppings on the bottom make this a winner

  • maureen.craven

    Love these for a afternoon snack with a cuppa thank you Skinny Bakery xx

  • jannion.johnson

    These taste fabulous just like the real thing but healthier
    Spice just right I love then

  • theadoracrawford

    So fragrant and delicious! 10/10

  • Phil Kayes

    Really, really good! These were a hit with all 3 of us sampling them!

  • Sally Webster

    Delicious and just enough to satisfy a sweet craving, but it can be difficult not to eat the whole pack 🙂

  • Mali Tipping

    Really tasty! Would buy again

  • Sarah Green

    My favourite flavour. The perfect bite to take the edge off a sweet craving. So good!

  • maureen.craven

    Omg! Just the thing to eat on an evening definitely hits the spot when calorie counting and at 168 calories yes please xx

  • Keris De Villiers

    Loved this – one of my favourite

  • Laura Greenwood

    You’d never know this wasn’t full fat carrot cake, absolutely delicious!

  • Anna Rooney

    Absolutely gorgeous. Looked pretty and tasted amazing. More of a lovely treat than a healthy option! Taste really indulgent!

  • mariamakhtar90


  • saandh

    Nice and low on calories

  • saandh

    A nice change

  • saandh

    A nice change from chocolate

  • Janette Gandy

    These gorgeous little cakes are simply the best. They surprisingly filling and moist, I would recommend these to anyone dieting and have a sweet tooth, low in sugar and calories 😋.

  • Janette Gandy

    These gorgeous little cakes are simply the best they are filling and very tasty. I would recommend the whole range of these pearls to anyone dieting and has a sweet tooth, low in sugar and calories 😋

  • scoobydoo1605239

    Absolutely love these. Just enough spice and sweetness. Really tasty.

  • maureen.craven

    Love these for a quick snack lovely carrot cake better than any shop bought and a lot less calories thank you xx

  • Claudia Rola

    Very yummy and balanced. One of my favorites

  • Lisa Mooney

    Delicious. Makes you want to eat the whole pack in one sitting.

  • Sarah Seggie

    Ate the whole packet in one go….these are a repeat order for me!

  • stephmayes

    These are amazing! So much flavour!
    Currently following the WW plan and these are only 1 point each which is perfect for when I’m craving something sweet and cakey!
    Will definitely be purchasing again. Big hit!

  • Susan Crombie

    Taste just like carrot cake lovely

  • Lovette French

    These taste like the real deal! Delicious, rich in flavour and just perfect! If you like carrot cake you will not be let down. Totally recommend 😀

  • jacqui.hutson

    Ate them all…didn’t share and I don’t care they were light, fluffy and delicious 😊

  • Jenna Baynham

    Beautifully light and Carrotty makes you feel like your being naughty when of course your not!

  • n.walsh1008

    Absolutely outstanding taste! Fresh and wonderful, such a wonderful treat! Will defo be ordering again and again and again and again 🤣

  • Natalie Carrol

    I ordered one pack as I wasn’t sure how they’d be but it’s EXACTLY like a carrot cake. Massive well done!

  • Natalie Carrol

    I ordered one pack as I wasn’t sure how they’d be but it’s EXACTLY like a carrot cake. Massive well done for creating such tasty recipes!

  • Alisha Wong

    Taste is amazing and the cake is moist too!

  • Sally Sharples

    Carrot cake must be my all time favourite cake, and these do not disappoint. Finally found a lower calorie version that actually tastes like carrot cake! If not better than most out there!

  • dorothy.finegan

    I love Carrott Pearl’s they are packed well to carry out in your hand bag as with all pearls a little expensive but we’ll worth the money

  • dorothy.finegan

    I love Carrott Pearl’s these are 1 point on Weight Watchers and packed well to carry out in your hand bag as with all pearls a little expensive but we’ll worth the money

  • bettyboopuk87


  • j.pegler

    I LOVE Carrot cake and have never found a lower calorie option that tasted like the real thing. That is until now. Love these pearls of delight but the problem is I want to eat them all!!!

  • casey_frampton5

    The flavour on these is sensational. They are so moist and just as good as a normal carrot cake!

  • Andrena Mckenzie

    So far these have been my absolute favourite and I will definitely be buying more of these in my next order. They taste amazing and my son and husband love them too!

  • Anita Nutbeen

    Carrot pearls are amazing! I love these. Fit in so well with any diet and make you feel like you’re not missing out on cake! Thank you Skinny Bakery.

  • julienott1809

    Love the added nuts to the outside. Moist and hits the spot 😊

  • hollieharwood

    This tastes exactly like normal carrot cake but at so many less calories. This is my favourite flavour, I love the crunch of the nuts and the creaminess of the filling.


    Scrumptious. Really do have the carrot cake taste. Will be ordering again. Take the craving for cakes away.


    Lovely & moist, one point on WW, what’s not to love.

  • Andrew Erskine

    Loved these little mouthfuls of goodness. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something nice but with low calories… I have ordered again!

  • heather.p32

    I love carrot cake and these didn’t disappoint me I just couldn’t get enough

  • Kelly Fairfull

    Think these are my favourite pearl so far. Absolutely devine 😋

  • Lindsay Gordon

    As with all the pearls I buy, I eat these from frozen. It’s the only way to prevent myself eating the whole tub in one sitting! So very tasty!


    Delicious, moist very tasty

  • Catherine Gibbard

    Huge fan of carrot cake and these taste no different despite the low calories. A great alternative when you have the cake urges.

  • harvey.emmaj

    Nice treat in bite sized form. The creamy centre is sweet and balances well with the sponge.

  • vicx_76

    My absolute favourite just like a real carrot cake

  • Natasha Eftychiou

    Absolutely delicious. Slight carrot taste but absolutely yummy. Tiny bit of crunch which I love also. Will keep ordering these while you have them!

  • lizmetcalfe.123

    These are one of my favoutites. Moist & tasty.

  • lizmetcalfe.123

    These are one of my favoutites. Moist & tasty. Still can’t believe I’m able to eat cake ( within reason) & still lose weight.

  • Jackie Mutlow

    I love carrot cake. How can something so naughty be so so low in calories. I’ll have another thanks.

  • Susan Bull

    These are very nice just like eating normal carrot cake just lovely x

  • Emma Brokenshire

    I know what I like in carrot cake and I like these. Just right when you fancy a little hit.

  • Martine Alkiviadou

    These are definitely my favourites out of the ones I’ve tried so far! So good and you feel like you’ve had a treat and not been restrictive when eating them 🙂

  • zoe.way

    Very tasty flavour, texture is nice and the centre filing tastes super yummy too!

  • Jacqui Craggs

    Carrot cake is my favourite cake, so these are just perfect for me

  • Samantha Holmes

    These pearls are so delicious and moist, the flavours are just as good as a full fat carrot cake but with next to no calories, I am a member of SlimmingWorld and these pearls are a god send to me as they are only 2 syns each and they taste amazing 🤩

  • David Green

    Very surprised at how these taste 👅 and part of your 5 a day… 🤔

  • Kristie Daniels

    I absolutely love these.
    The fact that they are low calorie too is a huge bonus.
    Have to stop myself eating the pack in one sitting.

  • racheal.o25

    Full of flavour and the best one I’ve tried yet. My fav so fat

  • Amanda Longman

    These carrot pearls are amazing in flavour & texture

  • ruthcarter63

    These were absolutely amazing, some of the best carrot cake I have ever eaten, really tasty and moist

  • Sarah Little

    My favourite pearls! Yummy and moist.

  • Sarah Little

    My favourite pearls! Yummy, moist and definitely carrot cake

  • Shanti Draven

    Without a doubt the best carrot cake I have ever tried. It doesn’t take low fat in the slightest. The cream flavour is spot on.

  • Alexis Karlsson-Jones

    Definite spicy hit with these which was very satisfying. One really hit the spot when I had a sweet craving. A great treat with a cuppa in the evening!

  • rugiaomer

    Delicious, \I love carrot cake and they did a great one with this – not too sweet, not dry at all which you sometimes get with low cal cakes.

  • Carolyn Loney

    These are gorgeous, and really taste like carrot cake. A gorgeous low calorie small treat

  • lassami77

    Will most definitely be ordering some more of these, tastes just like a homemade carrot cake! The flavour, texture and spices are just right👌 Very tasty!

  • Beatrice Gill

    Just like any carrot cake! So moist and tasty! I loved these and will be ordering again

  • j.pegler

    Love a carrot cake and this does the trick when I fancy a piece of cake without the sugar and loaded calories. Tastes like the real thing.

  • nessysmith

    Wow these are the best carrot cakes I’ve ever tasted next time we will order alot more ❤️

  • Amanda Allcock

    Another one of my favourites

  • Catherine Haggerty

    My husband and I absolutely love these. They are just like our favourite big version of carrot cake. Our favourite pearls so far. Absolutely delicious slightly warmed in the microwave!

  • sarahlouisepratt

    I love carrot cake and these were just perfect
    Lovely taste and the sponge was amazing
    Will definitely get again

  • Nicola Bennett

    Surprisingly light and refreshing


    My absolute faves. Soooooo gooood!

  • ginabalmer

    10/10 absolutely delicious. Wouldn’t have guessed they are low calorie! Tastes just as good as a piece of proper carrot cake. Enjoyed these.

  • Laura Warren

    Another great flavour and really serve those cravings for a massive slice of cake. Nice and moist with a good crunch from the nuts.

  • soniarishi_1

    Great flavour, all the things I enjoy about carrot cake without the calories.

  • morgancandia9

    They are very nice and light

  • Stephanie Spalding

    Another favourite I don’t have to miss out on.. as a chocoholic I’m surprised I keep buying these but taste incredible!!

  • Debbie Morrison

    Excellent flavour – really moreish!

  • Alex Collins

    These are amazing. Light and soft sponge and you don’t even notice that they are low calorie. The only challenge is not eating the full tub in one go.

    They are also great if you are tracking macros and need a quick sweet hit. Will definately be buying again.

  • Traci Johnston

    Absolutely gorgeous and not sickly sweet or anything like that. Cant wait for my next order.

  • Niki Kitis

    I really recommend these, especially for those counting calories-a nice treat for when you want something indulgent but with better nutrition values.

  • Michelle Porter

    These feel like a naught but yet healthy treat super product

  • Doreen Davey

    Absolutely 💯 great service

  • Doreen Davey

    Absolutely 💯

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    Sooooo lovely 😋

  • Laura Blakey

    Would happily buy these again

  • Laura Blakey

    Very moreish, could definitely eat more than one.

  • Laura Blakey

    nice spice and very moreish

  • Laura Blakey

    A really nice spice and very moreish

  • Hayley Leech

    I’ve tried most of the available options and these are one of my favourites. Taste as good as non skinny carrot cake.

  • vicx_76

    Love the little tubs they come in
    Carrot cake is a favourite of mine exceptionally high in calories these most definitely are a great low calorie alternative

  • Lisa Tonner

    Bought the pick n mix box and these were by far my favourite! Really tasty and just a perfect little treat with a cup of tea.

  • willheimfink

    Love them!

  • sara.cavalleri

    By far, my favorite flavour ever! It really tastes like carrot cake, it is soft and moist and it has that pleasant crunch from the walnuts on the bottom… Amazing! If I could give 6 stars, I would!

  • Amanda Ablitt

    We just loved the carrot cakes
    Fabulous we can still have a good cake

  • Megan Thomas

    My absolute favourite! These taste exactly like carrot cake

  • Megan Thomas

    My absolute favourite cake I could eat the 5 in one go haha.

  • hopewagstaff38

    These are my absolute favourite, so tasty with a creamy centre, definitely going to be adding theses to my next order a must have if your a carrot cake fan!!!

  • Sarah Williams

    The best alternative when trying to be good, delicious with a coffee!

  • Claire Webster

    I love carrot cake, trying to eat healthy these little bites keep me on track

  • Kim Kenyon

    These are absolutely amazing.
    Taste just like my favourite carrot cake & half the calories ☺️

  • Lorraine Lyons

    Just like carrot cake

  • shannonfreyafricker

    Tasty, delicious carrot cake goodness

  • lynneparton

    Perfect for anyone who loves carrot cake.
    Taste lovely..hard to believe how low in calories and WW points they are.

  • zoe.way

    My new favourite. Amazing flavour. Really tasting and low calories. Great with a cup of tea!

  • Claire Dockerill

    Wow! These are absolutely beautiful and feel far more calorific than they are.

  • Lesley Farnham

    My favourite so far! Very hard not to eat 2 of these.

  • Abigail Kirkby

    Little pods of heaven!

  • fefeuk

    Love these and so tasty will be ordering more

  • Alan Hill

    From the first time I tasted these I was hooked,I can eat these guilt free and will be reordering many more,a must if your watching your weight.

  • Tracie Baldock

    These are so good! The added seeds give a slight crunch, with creamy cool filling. Lovely

  • Angela Brown

    A lovely little treat, you would never know they are slimming cakes. Would recommend

  • Karen Daykin

    My favourite so far! Taste exactly like a full fat carrot cake. Shared them at my slimming group- went down very well!

  • Brieana Whittaker

    These are sooo soft and moist! There’s only nuts in the bottom which is great for people like me who love carrot cake but hate nuts lol. I usually hate low calorie stuff but you’d never know these weren’t full of calories and sugar! They are delicious

  • Leanne Holden

    These did not disappoint. I love carrot cake so still being able to eat it with low calories made it that much sweeter! If this came in a full size cake I would be in trouble!

  • Niki Kitis

    These are so good, especially for the calories. I really like the currants/walnuts that are hidden underneath the pearls, which are a nice balance to the centre frosting. Shredded carrot inside the sponge would make them even better.

  • Elizabeth Bowen

    Wow these are so yummy – by far my favourite. Best carrot cakes ever!

  • Stephanie Barrett

    Great flavour! Perfect guilt free treat!

  • guen

    Best one we have tried, lovely

  • Sarah Nelson

    Loads of flavour, definitely recommend.

  • Lynne Richardson

    These are amazing, even had two for breakfast! And its still less calories than what i was having before!

  • Alastair Pargeter

    Best flavour for me

  • lindabaker137

    Absolutely lovely leaving me very satisfied I’m on weight watchers

  • Salli Midgley

    my favourite of all the pearls – just gorgeous. love love love these – going to be a regular order !

  • cinquemani2

    Yes nice texture and flavour

  • Kate Chatfield

    Lovely soft carrot pearls, with just the right amount of cram cheese to add to the flavour. A perfect treat for only a few calories. Definitely need to order more!

  • debbieemery1

    What can I say, these are amazing, such a treat without feeling guilty. Wish I knew about them before.

  • Annabel Gratton

    Really good, lighter than actual carrot cake but very tasty

  • Rachel Gordon

    Carrot cake from a supermarket… NEVER AGAIN!! Couldn’t be happier with the quality and taste of these pearls!

  • Anita Nutbeen

    Carrot pearls are soft, squidgy and very moreish. Hard to resist but I’m so glad they are around, I love them!

  • jansmith_96

    no need to feel guilty eating these scrumpcious cake all the flavours and less calories wish I had known about these months ago. Just the right size for a treat on my diet would recommend

  • Jamie Larcombe

    These are probably my favourite so far! Delicious

  • Jo Steel

    These are my favourite. Taste just like carrot cake and just the ticket to have with a cup of tea.

  • Drew Flynn

    These were my favourites. I was amazed at how much they tasted exactly like carrot cake, but with just a tiny fraction of the calories. If I had ordered more than one box I would have eaten them all and been left with none for the following days. Very moorish indeed.

  • Jody Steele

    Smelt delightful as soon as the lid was opened. So moist & tasted devine.

  • Joanne Davidson

    Lovely. Definitely a good carrot cake bite.

  • CD

    Perfect low-fat version of a carrot cake

  • li5a_reeves

    Wow! I love carrot cake and these were really good for such a low calorie treat. Gutted I only ordered 1 in my box of 8 so will have to order more for next time. No idea how they can do it at 34 calories each but so pleased to be able to have cake I enjoy.

  • moniquefletcher

    OMG ! these are just perfect. My favourite cake is carrot cake so these little cakes had a lot to live up to and they didn’t disappoint. If you love carrot cake then these are the ones for you !

  • samanthalee3

    These are delicious, taste just like a high sugar/fat carrot cake.

  • Johanna Eastment

    These taste just like regular carrot cake. The carrot makes them sweet and moist.

  • Gena MacLellan

    These taste amazing 😋
    So soft and moist 🥕🥕🥕
    Will definitely be ordering more of these ❤️

  • guen

    Absolutely gorgeous tasted just like the real thing!

  • jenny.byrne

    1 point on weight watchers and so tasty! Definitely ordering again

  • sarahmpetty

    Amazed that something as delicious as this has so few calories, intense home made carrot cake flavour

  • rachealjames

    Love these when I don’t want anything too sweet they are just enough, taste just like carrot cake to just a tiny version lol

  • dawn cruickshank

    carrot cake is my fav cake, i was a little sceptical that such a low calories cake could taste as good as m&s full fat carrot cake but my word blown away i love the fact these can be rated on slimming world with in syns allwance , the sponge is soft and springy the frosting is amazing

  • Alexandra Ilinca

    Amazing pearls! They are so soft and flavoury, I love them!

  • Jenna Wood

    Love these – really tasty, especially the filling!

  • hhleigh

    These are delicious very moist and right amount of cream cheese.

  • Mandy Coe

    Cant believe never tried these before. Only 34 calories .so nice

  • vicx_76

    Oh my gosh amazing . I love carrot cake & cream cheese & these are delicious 😋😋

  • Isher Jat

    Love these so much – the perfect level of sweetness

  • Pritpal Kalsi

    Gives a nice kick at the end, taste lingers and it’s soo soft and decadent and only 34 calories which is just amazing. It’s very fresh tasting also.

  • Anna Forsyth

    These are soooo tasty!! Very moist and the filling is lovely

  • Julie Clifford

    Oh my god, these are so good. You would not know these were low calorie by the taste. Absolutely delicious. I will definitely be ordering these again.

  • Rebecca Lamb

    So good

  • caroleggy2

    Really enjoyed these when I needed a treat with a cuppa. Great flavour just as good as any carrot cake I’ve ever had. Will definitely order again.

  • claire ferguson conway

    I’m addicted to Carrot Cake so these little Pearls are perfect for me. Fab for leaving at work in fridge to have with my morning cuppa 😊 Delish

  • Claire Hanson

    I like these don’t get me wrong but there’s just something about the frosting that doesn’t quite hit the mark for me. I’m not quite sure what, maybe it’s the quantity of it, or that I didn’t get a lot of flavour from it.
    Still a lovely little mouthful for the calories.

  • lucy_freeman5

    These were so delicious! I couldn’t believe what great flavour could be in something so low calorie. Will be 100% buying again!

  • Sarah Agraviador

    One of my favourites! Delicious…..Will definitely be ordering these again.

  • Kathleen Hill

    These little cakes are amazing these carrot pearls where my absolute fav you can freeze these and take them out and pop in oven for few minutes so tasty

  • Stella Mongodi

    I think this is, for now, my favourite pearl flavour. A real tasty treat in the morning with my cappuccino.

  • Niki Kitis

    These are so tasty, especially for such low calories. If the pearls could be made without sugar, they’d be even better.

  • Carol Gillon

    Again, these are one of my favourites. Moist, and full of flavour. Just like carrot cake. I can now have great treats, on my calorie counting diet.

  • Maddy Crosthwaite

    Fave flavour taste just as good as the real thing

  • Megan Ayes

    Just like eating a slice of carrot cake, just as yummy if not better! Would 10/10 recommend.

  • Emma Watson

    Smells and tastes just like a proper slab of carrot cake, amazing!!!

  • ceri1

    The problem with these is that I cant stop at just 1 or 2!! They are absolutely lovely

  • zoe_bailey1

    Always part of my order from the skinny bakery! They are super moist and extremely tasty!

  • Sam Muckett

    Beautiful tasting carrot cake

  • Abigail Kirkby

    Perfect! So soft and fluffy, taste amazing

  • Susan Crombie

    Amazing love carrot cake these are great

  • Simone Lawes

    These were my favourite! The filling was so delicious!

  • Sarah Allinson

    My absolute favourite from my order , wouldn’t be able to tell these were low calorie ‘healthy’ alternatives to carrot cake, even my brother was impressed

  • Steve Webster

    Delicious, ideal to settle that sweet craving. Ideal sweet treat on WW

  • Samantha Tucker

    The amazing taste of carrot cake in a small pearl which is also low calorie. Can my day get better. This actually tastes better than some full fat carrot cakes.

  • Jessica Gaffney

    I was missing my favourite carrot cake but these are perfect – great flavour, great texture and a treat that doesn’t throw me off track

  • Julie-anne Rose

    I tried these with my son who loves carrot cake. He was impressed and so was I. Love them. Taste just like ordinary carrot cake, just less calories, and the small calorie counted cakes stop you over indulging

  • jo.waterman

    Absolutely amazing! These cakes are lovely and moist and represent carrot cake so wel! Such a good treat

  • Louise Carr

    These little bites are delicious, so soft and spongy

  • Rachael Holley

    These are absolutely stunning! Really good if you fancy some carrot cake but are watching what you eat!

  • Rachael Blockley

    Being on WW these are only 1 point. Loved them

  • ellenhaf

    These taste just like carrot cakes, definitely recommend.

  • Kimberley Poole

    My absolute favourite cake ever. I’m glad they are the lowest in calories cause I could simply eat the lot.

  • garyjvalentine1

    Excellent taste love them

  • Endija Skopane

    Omg! These were amazing! The hint of orange is so natural!

  • Vicki Priestley

    Very tasty. I would recommend these

  • laurieod.92

    Really tasty little carrot cake bites. Definitely recommend

  • Sam Clark

    THE BEST!! you’ll regret not adding these ones to your basket!! So Moreish but low cal! Perfect

  • Jayne Parsons

    Absolutely devine. Like carrot cake. Wouldn’t believe it’s ‘skinny’

  • Yohana Gabanes

    Best Cake I have ever tried !

  • Jennifer Winnett

    THESE ARE AMAZING! Nothing else needs to be said aha

  • Marte Alnaes

    This is one of my favourites. Super tasty!

  • Karen Davies

    Very tasty pearls. Just like eating carrot cake. Very soft and light and a lovely flavour

  • jeanette kaya

    These were moist and very tasty with chopped walnuts on the bottom . I will buy again .

  • mariam3491

    Amazingly moist sponge and the perfect balance of flavours. Tastes just like carrot cake.

  • tara_whittaker

    The best! So full of flavour

  • Phoebe Torrance

    These are great! Love the walnut in them


    These are my favourite from the whole range the frosting it so smooth and tastes fabulous, be warned buy 2 boxes as 1 is never enough.

  • Laura Good

    Great little carrot pearls satisfied my craving for something sweet.

  • Chantelle


  • shirls76

    Really nice flavour just like a small carrot cake without feeling guilty the walnuts are great for the crunch

  • nicolecam96

    Lovely really enjoyed these

  • nicolecam96


  • James Isherwood

    My wife loves these, her absolute favourites

  • Anne-Marie Quinn

    So tasty.

  • Anita Nutbeen

    If I can’t have my all time favourites ‘pumpkin spice pearls’, these are the next best thing! Lovely❣️

  • lenandtam

    Absolutely love these the flavour is spot on

  • Sara Smith

    I love carrot cake and these taste amazing!!

  • cnduks2010

    So delicious and even if you don’t like carrot cake, you’ll find these moreish.

  • spskelton

    As an avid fan of traditional carrot cake I was definitely not disappointed, very yummy!

  • ghizala

    These taste just like carrot cake and are my favourite. I have ordered these at least three times so far. Only 34 calories – what is there not to like 🙂

  • Angeliki Papadaki

    Really yummy and moist carrot cake, and I believe one of the products with the fewest calories – what’s not to like!

  • maxphil68

    These taste amazing so delicious , and I also ordered two more of these on my recent order 🙂

  • loumol66

    Very tasty, moist and just like carrot cake. Sponge is a bit denser than normal, but they’re fab. You wouldn’t know you’re eating a low fat, lower sugar cake.

  • Isher Jat

    So these tasted great, but they tasted overwhelmingly of orange rather than carrot hence the 3 star rating. They were tasty but just did not taste at all of carrot.

  • Lynsey Thompson

    Absolutely loved these, like a mini bite of granny’s carrot cake, although dare I say it – slightly better as hers was typically quite a dry cake.

  • Frances

    These used to be a favourite but my last batch seemed to be over powered by the orange flavour. It really spoilt it for me but i wonder if i got a bad batch as ive not found that before

  • lucychall

    My favourite skinny bakery Pearl. I’ve placed another order to stock up on these. Gorgeous

  • Christine Pearson

    nice but a little dry, stored in the fridge and probably should have let get to room temperature before eating. still nice though.

  • lenandtam

    lovely carrot cake taste
    Love these.

  • Luanna Butcher

    These are very more-ish! Love them.

  • sallyann06

    Lovely flavour

  • yasmin.donaldson

    My fave. The little walnut pieces make this heavenly.

  • Gemma Groves

    These are so tasty and keep me on the healthy diet as such a lovely little treat ! So moist too! Mouthful of loveliness!

  • lctaylor83

    Lovely really tasty!

  • Cheryl Saddler

    Authentic carrot cake taste
    Love these

  • l5bub

    These were my absolute favorites and have ordered more!

  • Sharron Jones

    I found these to be a little bitter, I prefer the sweeter tasting desserts – nice, but not as good as some of the other deserts

  • Beckie Green

    Not sure how these are 34 calories! Delicious

  • Alicja Balka

    Really enjoyed these my favourite pearls. So fresh and moist will definitely buy again.

  • Alicja Balka

    Just amazing one of my favourite. Really tasty and really enjoyable

  • charlotte2992

    If you love carrot cake you need these in your life

  • hope.steadman

    Love these, really moist and keep well in the freezer

  • Olivia Starr

    These carrot cakes are delicious!

  • Cheryl Saddler

    I wasn’t sure if I would like these but I wasn’t disappointed.
    Really authentic carrot cake, nutty taste with creamy centre. My daughter enjoyed them too.

  • valcarazllamusi

    In love with these ones as well. Just not because of the flavour but also because of the texture. The nuts at the bottom are just perfection.

  • Josie Wilson

    Wow!! These are delicious!
    I ordered these as carrot cake is one of my favourite cakes and these did not disappoint, I was a bit worried they wouldn’t taste anything like carrot cake but these are just delicious and I can’t notice anything different.
    I will definitely be buying again!!

  • Lesley Melling

    My absolute favourite flavour so far. So tasty & hits the spot with a cuppa when you need a sweet treat

  • yasmin_ayoub

    By far the best tasting carrot cake I’ve ever had ….love these pearls !!!

  • yasmin_ayoub

    I am a massive carrot cake fan anyway and these are ridiculously maurish far …my favorite!

  • helenjames36

    These are lovely little mini versions. Very moist and full of flavour. Would definitely recommend them.

  • Kathy Wakeman

    Loved these so tasty

  • Nicola Cross

    One of my faves. Really nice carrot cake flavor and a good ratio of cake to cream, as with all the pearls. A nice crunch as well with the walnut pieces! I could eat a whole box but 2 is perfect with a cuppa!

  • Julie Moreland

    My son loves the carrot cake ones, and they are probably his favourite ones. These will become part of a regular order

  • Noushin Rahman-Blake

    These are my son’s favourite. How can only 34 calories taste like such a lovely piece of carrot cake? I hide them in the freezer so that he doesn’t eat them all at once!

  • Jo Jo

    These are my favourite so so delicious !

  • rhian.williams-5275

    These are one of my favourites at only 1 point on weight watchers. They taste just like carrot cake. I have one in the evening after my meal and stop my sugar craving.

  • Gail Wood

    I can’t decide if this or the Victoria sponge is my favourite.
    Full of flavour and yes it’s small but a great wee treat for when you just fancy a tasty bit.
    I had no issues with the packaging or lids and have kept mine in the fridge and they are still just as moist as the day they arrived.


    These are my ver favourite pearls I bought 2 boxes and hid them in the freezer so no one else could eat them.

  • Ciara Murray

    These are soooo good – I will definitely be ordering again. Give them a try and you will not regret it!

  • Jackie Donelan

    These carrot pearls taste just like carrot cake and are lovely and moist. My favourite so far!

  • Fahima Choudhury

    One of my favourites! Tastes so similar to a carrot cake yet hardly any calories. Can’t wait to order more!

  • janoliviahewitt

    The combination of the carrot cake and cream cheese centre is delicious. Of the pearls I’ve sampled so far, these are the most ‘cake-like’ in texture. I’ll definitely be adding them to my next order.

  • sarahcdickinsonhigham

    Probably the best of all those tried so far – a definite winner !

  • Lesley Tranter-Mole

    Absolutely delicious! One of the best carrot cakes I’ve had and only 1.5 slimming world syns. Can’t them andI will definitely be ordering more.

  • Kevin Carrick

    I love these pearls. Would recommend definable you 🙂

  • Helen Kemp

    These are my favourite Pearls .. they are delicious, you would think they were full fat !

  • Michelle Porter

    These are just yummy not too sweet but very moreish . Would highly recommended

  • a.keeler-lux

    Lovely pearls just enough to satisfy.

  • kenzi_scotty

    Beautiful product tastes just like carrot cake but you know it’s so much better for you!

  • emmahandley121

    Really yummy a great treat. Could have eaten them all in one go!! Great when you need a bit of cake!!

    Only 1 point on WW!

  • Zoe Biott

    I cannot believe how a healthier cake can taste so good and just like you are eating any other version – this is a must if you like carrot cake – delicious!

  • Louise Newington

    Amazing, I wanted the whole box!

  • Tracy Thompson

    First time buying the pearls and will not be my last. They are absolutely gorgeous. Put a lot in the freezer ready for when have friends round. Had to or would have ate them all. Definitely recommend to all.

  • Janine Venter

    Love them! Bite size, delicious and such low calories.

  • Stacey Dixon

    These are so good! One of my favourites.
    Taste just like a mini carrot cake!

  • Rachel Stafford

    My favourite flavour – love the creamy filling and the flavour of the pearl is just right for what I’ dexpect a carrot cake to be. Love it!

  • apapworth58

    My favourite. Full of flavour and yet low in calories

  • Nicola Mullings

    These are my favourite flavour, can not believe I get to eat these on SlimmingWorld.

  • joseywilkins

    First time ordering loved these very yummy

  • Natalie Beare

    Really tasty. Small, but perfectly formed! Sweet enough to satisfy the sweet craving….well two of them!

  • h.gray71

    First time order but very happy as i love carrot cake

  • somaophelia

    Really nice and very comparable to actual carrot cake. I think these are my favourite yet!

  • Jodie Denby

    These are delicious, light and very tasty

  • Susan Kaplin

    Absolutely delicious, light and fresh. The taste is far better than the sugary carrot cakes I have eaten. A definite favourite!

  • James Trott

    An old favourite of mine. Love these. Very tasty.

  • Niki Kitis

    These are a lovely and have become one of my favourites since they launched, especially for the low calories-definitely recommend.

  • Alice Strettle

    I thought I’d found my favourite and then I tasted these!
    Really amazing flavour and so moist.

  • Lesley OConnor

    Just love these. First time ordering and was a little skeptical but these are just gorgeous and satisfy that sweet cake craving every time to support my weight loss journey- Yum!

  • Rachael Martin

    Love these ones.

  • Rachael Martin

    I purchased the subscription box and the ones I chose these were by far the best

    They’re so good and amazing with a nice cup of tea! Was a real treat thanks

  • Kayleigh Armstrong

    These were absolutely delicious!! Tasted just like carrot cake and barely any calories! They were my favourite by far and i will definitely be ordering again! 😁

  • kimberleyclark1989

    Very nice

  • Zoe Wortley

    Gorgeous little carrot cakes and delicious cream cheese filling. A firm favourite!

  • Kelsey Davis

    Delicious cakes, hard to believe they have so few calories, definitely will be buying again.

  • Theresa Passey

    Tried nearly all the flavours now and this still stands out as a favourite. I love carrot cake and these are a real treat, and they are one of the lowest calorie cakes. Love them, will be adding to a subscription order once I get through the latests batch of flavours!

  • Jessica Langford

    If you love a carrot cake (which I think is an under rated cake) you will love these. The flavour is perfect from the sponge to the cream cheese to the little walnuts on top. Moist soft sponge, just perfect

  • andrea.pluddemann

    My favourite. My whole box was gone in about 3 days!

  • mrbrady72

    These were nice, moist and flavourful. I found the nuts didn’t appreciate being kept in the fridge though, they went a bit rubbery!

  • Mandy Kaur

    Popped some in the fridge as I brought a lot, so much nicer when the cream is cold, recommend!

  • Angela CULLUM

    These are my favourite by far just love them..
    Already ordered another batch and not finished first lot

  • Emma Costello

    I love carrot cake and these did not disappoint, bursting with flavor and a nice moist sponge.

  • emii_woodsey

    By far my favourite! Incredibly moist, full of flavour yet so light. Ready to order some more and will be getting a couple of boxes of these this time rather than one. Super yummy and enjoyed by my little girl too! 😋😋

  • Zippyp

    Love carrot cake, these are delicious and the frosting is lovely, will be ordering these again.

  • Dayna Wilson

    I absolutely adore these! Love Carrot cake and these are the best way of getting a treat without worrying too much about the calories!

  • Ruth Fretter

    These are definitely my favourite..tasty and moist. Soooo good!

  • Laura Legg

    These really are yummy. All the flavour of a carrot cake, with far less calories. I love them!

  • sarah.amawi95

    This is by far the best flavor I have tried so far! So satisfying!

  • Fiona Sizer

    These were delicious,and plenty of walnuts too, perfect with a cuppa

  • Glenda Davies

    These were my second Skinny Bakery cakes to taste and wow. They are so delicious I can’t stop eating them. I will be ordering these frequently

  • Louise Poutney

    Just one word!! YUMMY!!

  • andrea.doyle

    No 1 so far of my top three. Delicious, moist, full of flavour and no guilt. Perfect. Will definitely buy again.

  • sarahdsouza40

    These are unbelievable, so so yummy

  • Jenn Imanache-Winslow

    I love these! It’s quite moist and not too sweet and you do feel the taste of carrot cake. Definitely among my top 3!

  • Aimee Thornton

    Taste so good

  • Zoey Cotton

    Delicious! It’s like having naughty slice of carrot cake without the added calories.

  • Roxanne

    These are one of my favourite flavours! Taste just like real carrot cake. If you only try one flavour, try this one.

  • Lisa Topley

    So much better than expected,, so moist and tasty! Great for slimming world syns. Perfect cake fix!

  • talbot.julia

    Lovely with a cup of earl grey.

  • Sophie Brosman

    So soft and delicious! I’ve just became a massive fan of carrot cake and these definitely hit the spot

  • bridget

    I tried Skinny Bakery after it was recommended via my Slimming World chat group. What a discovery! I am not a sponge cake lover, but do like a bit of carrot cake once in a while. These little bite size cakes definitely hit the spot, moist and creamy. This one is by far my favourite of the variety I bought for my first trial. Will definitely be ordering again.

  • Christina Buckingham

    I was shocked at how lovely these were, I never thought having carrot cake (my favourite) on such little calories would be so nice but boy was I wrong, so fresh, lovely creamy filling and all round taste amazing!! My favourite Pearl

  • pidgey_pie

    I didn’t order these three first time round and wow how I wished I had.!! They are definetly my favourite.!!

  • Sophie Hernandez

    These are my favourite pearl! I love carrot cake and these taste exactly like it! So much healthier and more enjoyable! Love them!!

  • julia.mckeown

    I bought 10 different boxes to try and these were my second favourite flavour (a close second to chocolate orange)

  • hannahpalmer_07

    My fave out of all the flavours!! Amazing! Anyone who likes carrot cake I would definitely tell you to get these!

  • Diane Mitchell

    Yummy moist carrot cake absolutely delicious
    Highly recommend

  • Ryan Grant

    Carrot cake is one of my favourite cakes and these are a fantastic low calorie substitute for the real thing. As with Cherry Bakewell & Raspberry and Coconut these are going to be on each order! Great job.

  • sarahstevens78

    These are my absolute favourite.. full of flavour and low calories..

  • Jay Semple

    Delicous, love love love these!!

  • amena.charles

    Definitely a personal fave!! Actually tastes like carrot cake, and has a lovely centre.

  • amena.charles

    Definitely a personal fave!! Actually tastes like carrot cake.

  • sandrajackson36

    for someone who isn’t a chocoholic these cakes are a pleasant change.

  • Jacqueline Dempster

    Wow. These little things pack a punch. Full of the true carrot cake taste with the lovely little walnut sprinkles on top. Delicious.

  • Jessica Jones

    GREAT carrot cake flavour. Filling is good too! You won’t regret ordering these !

  • ljhadden89

    My favourite! So mosit and full of flavour! Amazing taste for something so low in calories.

  • Charlotte Kennedy

    Absolutely gorgeous… I bought the pick n Mix so had quite a few to choose from and kept them in the freezer. I was concerned they may be dry after coming out of the freezer but trust me they are not. They are moist and very tasty!!!! Kept in the fridge after bringing out the freezer.

    Just wish they were bigger in size but that is me being greedy..

  • s.saied

    My favourite so far, can’t wait to try more.

  • Kate Muir

    Gorgeous as always, super moist

  • Natasha Maynard

    If you love carrot cake but not the calories that comes with it, then these are for you! Boy do they pack a punch. So full of flavour you wouldn’t have a clue your eating a skinny bake! Amazing!

  • samgawler86

    Delicious! You wouldn’t know they were skinny bakes!

  • albiismaili22

    Love them with a coffee my go to

  • sezzy1405

    AMAZING! very moist and tasty

  • Beverley Guest

    So far this is my favourite one so tasty

  • nikki.davies73

    Amazing. I absolutely love the carrot pearls. Along with the bakewell pearls. These are def my fav. Thank goodness for skinny bakery. I’m on a diet but can have a treat and not feel guilty. Thank you so much. I’ve done 3 orders so far and will def be ordering more. Xxx

  • Michelle Ritchie

    My favourite so far !! Delicious

  • Christopher Abel

    Really nice tasty cake with really low calories (and low syns on slimming world).

  • lisa.ashall-4531

    Light and fluffy and so tasty. I would recommend these little pearls of happiness to all.

  • forbsie

    So moist and tasty , I so can’t believe how these bites have achieved the flavour and make you feel like you’ve eaten a good portion of cake . Really good value .

  • CJM13

    I’m not usually a fan of carrot cake, but oh my these are to die for!

  • Sharon Webster

    So tasty and felt like I was being really naughty but as they are low in calories I wasn’t

  • Adam Redshaw

    Love these. Def a regular ordwr 😍

  • Nola PICKARD

    Very tasty and moist. Can definitely taste the carrot. Not once did I think I was eating ‘skinny cake. Delicious 😄

  • Laura Street

    These are my favourite…taste so good!!

  • kerrym2507

    I love carrot cake and always get disappointed with the lack of flavour and spice- NOT with these, they are full of so much flavour, feels like a real treat.

  • leannecarlin

    Really delicious. Could really taste the carrot 😊

  • luciathecool

    Just like the real thing! Such a great after dinner treat!

  • Ellie Bond

    Super tasty – my favourite out of all of the options

  • emminicholl

    Definitely my favourite. Exactly like a proper, delicious and moist mini carrot cake, without the guilt!

  • Nicole Evans

    Sooo yummy!!!

  • hollyames2003

    out of the pearls i’ve tried so far these are my favourites! they’re so so tasty, i would definitely order these again!!

  • allymurphy1

    Maybe one of the best carrot cakes I’ve had!

  • Holly Baker

    Tastes exactly like carrot cake without the guilt

  • franjenkins2002

    These were so so yummy wow loved these, really satisfying x

  • Nina Clifton

    These tasted just like carrot cake. My partner loved them too!

  • Nicola Byfield

    I absolutely love carrot cake & these wee gems did not disappoint! They were amazing! So much so I had to eat 2 at a time. Will definitely be ordering these again! Yum yum

  • Antonia Edwards

    Absolutely delicious

  • woody269

    Along with the millionaires pearls, these were joint favourite! Delicious!!

  • amedwinj

    Delicious! Definitely ordering again

  • shelld1969

    Really lovely, a nice treat

  • louise.wigodsky

    I love carrot cake so these were my absolute fave and so low calorie. Definitely re-ordering!

  • Chrissi Coolbaugh

    Absolutely my favorite. Couldn’t eat just one!

  • Megan Cherry

    So flavourful, definately my favourite out of the 4 I ordered!

  • natalie.rickward

    These were one of my favs of the different pearls you can get. 5 in each pack as well. Taste very good.

  • Rachel Broomhead

    These are really nice, will definitely be ordering again

  • Anita Walkett

    Great little bite of deliciousness. 1 = 2 syns on Slimming World so doesn’t break the bank while trying to stay on track; looks like you can have your cake and eat it too!

  • laurenstevens3

    This was my second order from skinny bakery and all of their products I have tried are amazing. These carrot pearls are definitely one of my favourites! Don’t even taste low cal! So moist and delightful!!

  • Acacia Burns

    So good! You would never know it low calorie! So yum!!

  • Michelle Chesterton

    Delicious and flavoursome. Will definitely buy again!

  • vickyhillsgm

    My personal favourite. A beautiful combination of flavours. Super yummy! Can never stop at just one, so it’s a good job they’re so low in calories 😂

  • r-jj

    Beautiful cakes, the flavour is amazing. For such low calories. Delicious.

  • Sarah Roake

    Little drops of carrot cake heaven! Gorgeous creamy centre. A little indulgence without being too naughty!

  • Christiana Michaels

    First time ordering from skinny bakery! The carrot pearls are absolutely out of this world!

  • Amy Wood

    these are amazing, so soft and moist but full of flavour

  • Kelly Johnson

    I absolutely love these mini carrot cake Pearl’s, they taste just like carrot cake but without all the calories .. I can now get my evening treats without feeling guilty!!

  • lek96682

    Amazing! possibly the best flavour I’ve tried

  • dayallanroy

    I love these. They are very light and tasty. I actually prefer them to a traditional carrot cake

  • bilkis.yafai

    Really impressed I adore carrot cake especially with my afternoon cup of coffee. You won’t be disappointed and helps keeps me on track for my weight loss.

  • j.alshaikh.00

    Love it

  • Karyn Dickie

    So far these are my favourites ……………working my way through them all but the carrot cake pearls are so yummy
    Eat them whilst they are still a little cold from the freezer is my tip

  • Bimpe Adesoji

    This is my favorite! So moist and tastes amazing I love carrot cake and although I wish it could be more keto friendly I’d definitely repurchase this flavour

  • hennekec1467

    One of my favourites, so tasty and more-ish. Great balance of cake and cream cheese filling, level of spice just right. Yum.

  • albiismaili22

    Loved them with my coffee xxx

  • Mandy Downes

    Love carrot cake, first time I’ve tried these and they are definitely my favourite.
    Have placed a two week subscription order

  • Hazel Weston

    Not normally a carrot cake fan but I am so pleased I decided to get a pack of these. Really good and will be purchasing again.

  • nat-downes

    These are my favourite! Ideal bite size treats, moist and flavoursome

  • Kara Ward

    Gorgeous! One of the my favourites

  • Emma Day

    Love these one’s, my favourite of the pearls range and the closest I will get to a proper carrot cake at the moment. Problem is they are morish.

  • Judi Wicks

    These are my favourites so far (apart from the pumpkin spiced pearls).

  • lale8_9

    So light! The buttercream in those is absolutely scrumptious and for such low calories intake, they are definitely a win.

  • Claire Bransby

    Soft and yummy with a nice cinnamon flavour

  • EmmaOohLaLa

    These are my FAVOURITE!!!
    I love the carrot cake pearls. It feels like I’m having a real treat when I have these. Yum yum!

  • donnagarnett

    So tasty, even better than an ordinary carrot cake, will be ordering these again.

  • jenbushell

    I’ve tried a few of the flavours now and these are definitely my favourite so far. If you want a treat but with less sugar, these are delightful with a cup of tea (or something stronger if you prefer). Will definitely be reordering and recommending to family and friends.

  • jane.baddeley2503

    I love all the items I have ordered from Skinny Bakery, but these are my favourite out of all of them. They are so tasty, fresh and cream cheese filling is amazing.

  • Sandra Mcdowell

    Devine, love these . They are so much like a proper carrot cake, only a lot fewer calories. Have got them on all my oder and will be getting more.

  • Rachel Clark

    Amazing!!! So full of flavour will definitely have again!

  • sarahlatham1985

    Delicious, hit the spot so much like the real thing just without the guilt highly recommended

  • Shantel Simms

    Sooo yummy! Carrot cake is one of my faves and these did not disappoint

  • theboo1

    The husbands says these were amazing. I didn’t get a look in

  • AlexandraRH

    My favourite carrot cake ever now! So moreish and delicious I can’t believe it is so low in calories. Love it!

  • Sophie Boreham

    These are absolutely INSANE! They taste absolutely delicious, are low in calories, sugars and curve the craving with a cup of coffee perfectly! I have my Nan, Mum and Best friend obsessed also so we shall be placing a family order monthly 🙂

  • elizabethpeters101

    Loved these. Would definitely recommend (and have done already! 😂)

  • Kirsty Lord

    I love a carrot cake but these just weren’t for me. The flavour of orange was too strong.

  • margaret.bailey4

    These are my favourite carrots cake and I will order it again.

  • debbie_smith_uk

    These were my favourite, i will purchase in bulk next time

  • Sana sajid

    Diet or no diet. I can live off these

  • ckchinneck

    These were my favourites from a pick n mix order. Had the strongest and best flavour so far. Definitely recommend.

  • clare-8080

    I love carrot cake and these hit the spot

  • Amy Fletcher

    Omg. Thees are unreal! Actually better tasting than more calorific ones I’ve tried. Such a great find to keep me on track with my diet

  • emmaspets

    Amazing every time! – so tasty, so moist

  • Lisa Hansell

    These have to be my favourite, so moist and full of flavour. And you get the added crunch with the nuts on top. Delicious x

  • xnatxsmithx30x

    my fave so far
    moist and tastey

  • kelley34barker

    All I can say is delicious xx

  • Alice Hester

    So tasty!! Very morish!

  • Georgina Pearson

    These are my faves. Moist and delicious and taste just like a great carrot cake with a smooth cream cheese icing. Delicious!

  • Esther Dziewulski

    Literally the best carrot cakes ever !!

  • victoria.gadsbypeet

    Very delicious

  • Karen Currie

    A lovely treat – so moist and delicious

  • Catherine Callaghan

    Excellent yummy carrot cake treat with a carefully balanced cake v cream mix. You will definitely feel like you’ve tasted carrot cake which is more nice than naughty!

  • georgina.wheatley.28

    Probably my favourite ever flavour! They go in every order.

  • Jordan Commarford

    Always amazing and on my order, a firm favourite.

  • hanna.yeoy

    First time buyer. Will def be back for more. Delicious and really help with the sweet craving. Nice to feel like you can have a treat and not feel guilty.

  • carlapinhey

    Delicious!! Love these, the cream filling was great. Wouldn’t know these were low calorie.

  • 1965tinajr

    Delicious treat, cant wait to order again

  • vonnie

    So nice and moist, love the filling. These freeze well to0.

  • Amy Irshad

    I think these are my favourite out of all the flavours I’ve tried. They taste just like carrot cake and the chopped nuts are a great little addition!

  • georgina.wheatley.28

    I buy these again and again, a classic that really captures carrot cake as a flavour, and I don’t find myself missing the more calorific version!

  • Mellyt

    These were OK but thought they were a bit stodgy! Nice though

  • Helan Trisorio

    These are great. Light and fluffy and taste really nice

  • victoria.gadsbypeet

    One of my favourites

  • charps1712

    What can I say, these are absolutely to die for. Great flavour, moist and very moreish. Certainly one of my favourites

  • mumof2pg

    I love these! Carrot cake is my absolute favourite and so to be able to eat it all the time is even better! Thanks for creating such a great flavour.

  • Rianne Dickens

    Taste exactly like tiny versions of actual carrot cake. I really like the filling- nice contrast to sweet sponge. Perfect with a cup of tea.

  • margaret.bailey4

    First time order and oh my I love carrot pearls and will definitely order them again.

  • ruth-mcconnell

    Love the flavour and texture of the sponge however the cream filling wasnt sweet enough and tasted cheesy and was very thick

  • Amy Irshad

    I love these! It’s not like you’re eating a low calorie carrot cake at all, I enjoy them just as much as a normal calorie version.

  • kielly.arbuthnot

    Mmmm these are so good!!! Its so nice to find such a yummy carrot cake which fits into your syns on sw! Moist little carrot cakes with a delicious, creamy filling. I love that they aren’t overly sweet. These are one of my favourites.

  • Sandra Mcdowell

    Absolutely love theseCarrot Cake pearls.They are just like a proper cake only small and full of flavour. Will def be on my next order

  • bckchainy

    Completely grateful these are small bites in a small box or I’d eat the entire lot in one go. Delicious and doesn’t feel low calorie at all, totally indulgent small bites of naughtiness!

  • bransby111

    Very nice flavour sponge and filling

  • sara.webster

    Really tasty, guilt-free treat!

  • Kate Saunders

    These are fab – I do love a carrot cake and was worried this wouldnt feel like the same but I was wrong. Fab addition to my “favourites” list.

  • Tracey Gregory

    These are my husbands favourite he couldn’t believe they were low calorie, will definitely be reordering !!

  • emmaspets

    These are my absolute favourite! So tasty and moist – you would never think they’re not full of calories. My guilty pleasure

  • murrayamanda70

    Full of flavour without the guilt, very fresh, flavoured frosting just lovely, these will definitely be on my next order.

  • rebeccascullion

    My favourite skinny Bakery product! Perfect taste and texture

  • Beth Shankland

    Tasty and moist. Taste so fresh even after a couple days in the fridge

  • Marie McCance

    THE most amazing thing I’ve ever come across!! Taste absolutely amazing without the guilt, the texture and taste is perfect would never know they are low calorie! Have ordered again already 🙂

  • Maggie Tindal

    I was surprised at how lovely these tasted. The centre is really good. I will be buying these again

  • Liam Charlesworth

    Moist and beautiful, tasted likes moist traditional carrot cake to me!

  • Angela Goodman

    Absolutely loved these from my first order. Flavour was on point. Amazing to be able to have things like this while following slimming world.

  • Lindsey Whyman-Fox

    So yummy will definitely be ordering them again.

  • mrsjocraven

    I think these are my favourite of the non-chocolate cakes – so moist and just the right amount of filling, delicious!

  • Klisha Acharya

    I loved these. One of my favourite treats. I actually like leaving them out at room temperature before having them 😉

  • Chelsi Jones

    So delicious! The sponge was lovely and the cream was amazing, I can’t wait to try more flavours.

  • Ian McFadyen

    My favourite cake from my skinny box!

  • loshaughnessy7

    Enjoyed these throughly!

  • victoria.gadsbypeet

    My favourite! Really tastes like carrot cake

  • Zowiiee Parker


  • kellybloor79

    Love these! A llittle taste of deliciousness with no guilt

  • Stephanie Clarke

    These taste exactly like carrot cake. I’m really not sure what else anyone would need to know! Perfect!

  • Sarah Coltman

    Picky about Carrott cake so was worried about how these would taste, I shouldn’t have been tastes just as good

  • nicjs

    I love carrot cake and this didn’t disappoint

  • Alexandra Rocheteau-Hasan

    Carrot cake is one of my favourites so I was a bit sceptical about ordering these and being disappointed… well I needed not to have worried. This is by far one of the tastiest cakes I have ever had and it has become one my favourites. It is an amazing treat,the sponge is light, and just so tasty. The filling is amazing with just the right amount. It has become a staple in our fridge now.

  • Amanda Coldwell

    These are our favourites and the quark definitely works great with these as they are just what you would want from carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

  • kella Naraine

    If you like carrot cake you will love these, they have managed to get a lot of flavour into a small bite.

  • emmaspets

    The carrot cake pearls are my absolute favourite, so tasty and so moist – they’re amazing ❤️

  • Rebecca Aspinall

    Definitely my favourite that I’ve tried so far!!!! Absolutely delicious!!!

  • Ellie dufaur

    They taste so good just like carrot cake!! I always add these to an order!

  • na_browne

    Can not believe how much these taste like actual carrot cake. They’re little bites of heaven. Another hit in my household!

  • Holly Morrison

    Tangy and nutty flavour, very similar to a carrot cake, really enjoyed!

  • Shelley Alexander

    These are amazing! I love carrot cake and these don’t taste much different to the ones from my favourite local bakery except a lot less calories!

  • Katrina Phillips

    They are really nice and are lovely for a treat, will be getting these again

  • sharon.l.n

    These are like drops of heaven, very tasty will definitely order these again

  • Joanne Toland

    These actually taste much better than carrot cake, you feel really naughty for scoffing the entire box but then remember that these are lower in cals. So win win

  • Lucy Anthony

    My absolute favourites, I may have ordered a few more, so light but decadent and creamy.

  • Stacey Draper

    Lovely and moist little carrot cakes, very flavoursome, will definitely be ordering again.

  • marygarrick88

    The sponge is just amazing, even better than normal carrot cake, and just the right amount of filling to compliment it perfectly.

  • beblinkinbeautiful

    Extremely tasty have ordered these again on my second order.

  • Rhi Norris

    These are my absolute favourite! They’re so moist and taste just luke a naughty slice of carrot cake. Highly recommend these ones!

  • Jackie Smith

    Taste so guilty but they’re not… really tasty would definitely recommend them xx

  • Melissa Jackson

    Absolutely beautiful cakes!!!! Definitely recommend. Fast delivery too

  • Lyndsay Knowles

    Out of the 5 flavours I have tried this flavour popped them all to the post. Lovely and moist and a great tasty flavour not too much cinnamon. Carrot cake can be very sickly with the cream cheese but this was lovely.

  • samantha leppard

    As good as a regular full fat carrot cake such a delicious treat 😋

  • Hannah McCaully

    Carrot cake is one of my all time favs and these dont disappoint! I think I demolished them in about an hour and that was me trying to resist! Highly recommend!

  • tabby.15

    These are delicious, just perfect carrot cake taste. Love them have re ordered

  • taz26tictac

    So good, the icing in the middle was heavenly.

  • Libby-J Everest

    These are fantastic, texture is moist and spongey and the taste is better than most regular full sugar carrot cakes I’ve tried. I made me partner try one (without any explanation of what they were) and he loved them. This is a man who won’t touch anything diet or low cal! But even he said they were incredible. Hats off to the chef!!

  • Christine Robinson

    These are absolutely delicious ! Would definitely recommend

  • Marianna Vellopoulou

    These are def my favorite though hard to-choose,
    They actually taste completely normal and you would never know they are healthy. Always received them melting fresh too!

  • kerrie.bennion

    Carrot cake without the guilt, These are so moreish I was more than happy not to share. I have orderdvmore already.

  • Jade McLachlan

    These are really nice and perfect for a treat when trying to be good, taste like carrot cake. Really yummy definitely buy again

  • heather toye

    My favourite so far, moist, tasty. Perfect mouthful. Slice of heaven

  • shannoncornish

    We love these ! They taste exactly like carrot cake ! Just healthy!!

  • Keosha Blackwood

    The sponge was so soft and fluffy. Loved them.

  • donsbabe

    Really like these, not dry at all and tasted lovely

  • Jess McKay

    These are nice, at first an odd flavour, but after the first one they were nice.

  • zoeldown

    My favourite so far so tasty

  • ocollis21

    My favourite to far! Amazing carrot cake with amazing texture

  • Justine Harding

    These are so good totally my favourite out of the mixed box i ordered. They have a great flavour and texture really tasty 😋 have ordered more!

  • george.dkendall

    My favourite of the pearls! Better than any carrot cake I have had before!

  • sbainbridge28

    These tasted Devine! Small but just the right amount to give you that sweet tasting hit you need. And don’t feel guilty for eating them either as they are so low in calories 😍

  • Darel Thomson

    Love these

  • Reeta Sharma

    Absolutely love these!!!!! 😍😍😍 I love carrot cake and to have one of these a day without the guilt is even better!

  • Hannah Kay

    Tastes just like a regular carrot cake, but even better because you know it’s not got loads of calories!

  • serenstardesign

    Absolutely delicious carrot cake, moist with a gorgeous middle… You would never know they were low in calories, definitely one of my favourites!

  • Lauren Brock

    These are my favourite so far. The quark centre was just like the cream on a carrot cake, and the cake itself so sooooo soft. Really impressed 😁

  • Tabitha Mills

    One of my favourite cakes!! These are really light and tasty but still feel like you’ve enjoyed a nice carrot cake. I’ll definitely be ordering more of these !!

  • Lynn Lomas

    Soo yummy x going to recommend these to family and friends 😋

  • Jade Dalton

    Absolutely gorgeous!. Honestly don’t think you would know that they are a lighter version to a normal carrot cake at all.

  • Flight Aerial Arts

    We received carrot cake pearls instead of the millionaires that we had ordered. When we told the skinny bakery about the mistake they put a credit on our account and sorted it out very quickly. Since we don’t like carrot cake, we gave this tub to my mum. And she LOVED it. She’s asked me to order her a few more 😂

  • Michelle Broadbridge

    My favourite ones- delicious

  • Lynsey Winfield

    Nicest carrot cake ive had, and ive had alot love the frosting hart to stop at 1, definatly order again

  • Leanne McCloskey

    Gorgeous – just like carrot cake only guilt free

  • Melina Sutcliffe

    Really soft and the lowest in calories! I love carrot cake and this takes the cravings away, yummy cake

  • donnawest04

    Carrot cake is by far my favourite and these treats are by far my favourite carrot cake! Beautiful and creamy too!

  • lorraine1976

    I’m a massive carrot cake lover & these did not disappoint so tasty.

  • Stephanie Walker

    Definitely my favourite flavour from the ones I ordered. I froze them and then took them out to defrost. I was worried it would affect them but they were still so moist! Delicious!


    These were really tasty!

  • kpn89


  • Alison Cobb

    Out of the whole order, these were my favourite. They are moist and so full of flavour. Really didnt want to share these.

  • acidea87

    Definitely my favourite!
    Delicious, spicy: the perfect guilt free treat!

  • foodtroll37

    loved these little pearls. Very moist and a very moreish

  • Claire Thomson

    Simply delicious! No way would I know these are low calorie they taste just like any great carrot cake. My favourite flavour 😊

  • titch_screams

    I didn’t enjoy these as much as the rest, I ordered them only because it was there and I needed to push my order over £30 for delivery so I thought, try and see. I saw, I didn’t like but that’s just personal preference. If you’re a fan then they will sort you out.

  • Kirstie Harding

    Definitely my favourite and the great taste for only 40 calories xx

  • Rebecca Hirst

    Gorgeous, just the right amount of space to give these yummy kick

  • Gemma Rogers

    Carrot Cake is my favourite and something I desperately miss. These were lovely, perfect flavour although I had to restrain myself from eating the entire box, will definitely order again

  • Emma O’Connell

    Wow…these carrot cakes are little gems. All the cakes are nice but these are definitely my favourite 🙂

  • gemma awdas

    these are the best cakes ever

  • Michelle McDermott

    Absolutely delicious, can still enjoy a sweet treat while losing weight.

  • Chloe T

    Love these! Carrot cake is my favourite so I was a bit sceptical to try as healthy alternatives are never the same but these did not disappoint!

  • Charlotte Owens

    Really great mini carrot cakes. Nice and moist and light and full of flavour

  • Michelle Eastabrook

    Loved these! Tasted delicious 😋

  • karina_11

    These are so so good! I love how moist and creamy the centre filling is as well!

  • lindan_clarke

    These are literally the NICEST things ever! I can’t believe they’re low calorie as they taste like the real thing. So good I cannot get enough! Definitely buying more.

  • rachel.third

    Absolutely love the carrot cake and filling. It is so moist and tastes wonderful. My favourite so far.

  • anna.l.matthews.17

    Tasted so much like carrot cake, bought these especially for my partner as he loves carrot cake and he was a big fan of these!

  • James Leonard

    These are divine, carrot cake is my favourite cake and these certainly don’t disappoint!

  • Sam

    Super tasty! Would definitely recommend

  • maria Oteiza

    a mini carrot cake in your mouth.Great balance and fluffy. Only problem is they run out so fast!! 🙂

  • Shannon Ricard

    My favourite flavour! Tastes exactly like carrot cake and you don’t feel bad eating them!

  • Vicki Hubbard

    Just like an actual carrot cake, i do wish they were bigger, but, if they were i would probably be the size of a house! so glad i can enjoy such treats in moderation with skinny bakery. so impressed with the easy packaging making you able to pack for a day out, perfect picnic treat

  • Amy Grosvenor

    These cakes are unreal! I’ve made 2 orders in 2 weeks! Carrot cake is simply amazing!

  • Tahsin Hassan

    This is so delicious and moist! Taste better than most carrot cake!

  • Diane Mears

    Enjoyed these, but not as much as others in the range.

  • Anna Moran

    These are one of my faves, absolutely gorgeous. Yummy!

  • soniads88

    Soooooo good. Like a real carrot cake

  • Samara Johnson

    Perfect take on a skinny carrot cake. Sooo good

  • sarah.hutchins

    These really are bite size little pearls of gorgeousness. Absolutely delish and my fave so far.

  • lesley_azeez

    Lovely, complimented by the cream cheese.

  • kerryandbrett

    Delicious! And perfect for Slimming World members!!!

  • Kirsten Davoll

    By far my favourite! Everyone loves a carrot cake & these are brilliant at giving you the cake fox we all need!

  • Natasha Dyer

    Cake was perfectly moist and the filling was so creamy!

  • riannashillingford

    I love carrot and these hit the spot. The only reason it’s not 5 stars is because I don’t like raisins.

  • Frances

    Perfect level of sweetness for me, love the fact they are low in fat and lower in sugar without the need for artificial ingredients. Would prefer these without the currants so that’s the only reason for one star less than 5

  • Keri Tainsh

    Out of all the Skinny Bakery products I have tried so far, these are without a doubt my favourite! These are delicious and taste like really carrot cake. They are so moist.

  • nichola.ditchburn

    Carrot cake is my absolute favourite and these do not disappoint. Really moist and taste like a full fat, full sugar carrot cake. 1.5 sins each on SW means I can really have my cake and eat it.

  • cat.doyle_home

    These are my ultimate faves! I LOVE them, I’m going to have to order some more as have now fun out… perfect low calorie treat which hits the spot

  • eacoral12

    Regular carrot cake upsets my stomach, so I ordered these with some caution, however I had no problem at all with them.The flavour is lovely, will buy again!

  • Ria Noyce


  • jenchristie14

    This had such a good flavour. Wish I could’ve enjoyed the whole pack but my little boy loved them too and claimed them! Definitely one of my favourites!

  • carterma

    Excellent. Great for a little treat

  • Jolene Sperring

    Just like the real thing!

  • elliephant30

    Delicious, so tasty and moist

  • ehicks39

    One of my favourites out of the flavours and as a fan of carrot cake these were a healthy alternative with all the same taste!

  • Selena Burn

    Nice texture and flavour, great little treats

  • Amanda Macphail

    Loved these they were defo my fave and will be in every one of my orders!

  • Joanna Mc

    These are my favourites! And carrot bombs 😁 they are not very sweet (some could find them not sweet enough) but perfect for me. Will be in my next order!

  • di2breed

    These taste like carrot cake really different.

  • Lucy Lawrence

    These were amazing! 🙂

  • rachel.cohen0093

    This is one of my very favorites. It has a nice orangey tang to it that I didn’t expect, but I loved! The frosting in the middle of this one is amazing. Cream cheese! Who doesnt love that?? Amazing. Will buy these every time.

  • lisaflat

    Lovely and moist and 2 suns on sw

  • Becky Warner

    Really enjoyed these. Second only to the lemon pearls. Very moist and with all the flavour of normal full fat carrot cake. Will be reordering!

  • bchance82

    Pure heaven without the guilt…. you must try these I’d nothing else.

  • lucy.e.james

    Super yum, great flavour and VERY low calories so work great on my SW diet! LOVE them!!!

  • lucy.e.james

    These are the best!!! great carrot cake flavor – a great sweet treat!

  • Kirsty SWANN

    Carrot cake is my favourite, you will not be disappointed in these at all. They are so yummy. Had to resist eating the whole tub in one go.

  • Nicola Field

    these are lovely, one of my favourites. taste just like a mouthful of full fat carrot cake but with less calories.

  • kelka79

    Love these! You wouldn’t think they were low in calories. I will definitely buy them again. Delicious!

  • Dawn Kilby

    My husband is fan of these, he loves carrot cake, so having little bite size versions was great, however they did go down very fast!

  • Julie Stanton

    I love carrot cake but since trying to lose weight I’ve done without. Well not any more! I love these

  • soph291287

    These are my absolute favourites. Taste exactly like carrot cake! So moist! Yummy!!

  • ruthhunney

    These are lush. My favourites 😋😋😋

  • vivienne aspinall

    If you like carrot cake then would definitely recommend giving these a try. Bery nice and I will be ordering again.

  • katiehughes

    One of my favourites! I was surprised at how moist they were. I will be buying again for sure.

  • katsie86

    So yummy. Full of flavour!

  • Gemma Bullen

    These are incredible! One of my favourites! Really moist and the flavour is on point! How can something so low in calories taste so good?!

  • sarahwood425

    Carrot cake is one of my favourite types of cake and I wasn’t disappointed in these they were amazing!

  • Jodi Oosthuizen

    I loved these and I’m not normally a carrot cake person!!

  • v.winterbotham

    Very yummy and satisfying, lovely cream cheese filling to compliments

  • harvey1458

    Loved this flavour! Super tasty!

  • mary5486

    Yes yes yes would buy again and again super

  • stephscade

    These were really tasty, the overall flavour is so lovely. I love the little currants and the, almost, lemony flavour. Yum!

  • l batty

    Amazing, carrot cake are my fave so far. Feels like a real treat. Nice but not so naughty

  • Jacqueline Stewart

    Amazing 😍!

  • julianne_a

    These are my favourite I love carrot cake and these are as just as good as one full of sugar and cream.

  • Lauren Hickson

    These are my fave so far out of all the ones I’ve tried – just the right amount of sweetness and the carrot cake is such a lovely flavour!!

  • katie sparkes

    My favourite pearl !!! So tasty , full of flavour. So moist so flavorsome so moorish

  • annepatjeff

    My fave two with a cuppa yum and so low in calories

  • nicole davies

    Love love love taste amazing carrot cake is my favourite having these from skinny Bakery make my healthier eating more easy knowing I can still have my cake and eat it thankyou

  • rosiehutchins09

    Oh my word!!!! These are amazing… if you are thinking about buying go ahead they are definitely the best in the best sellers box

  • Miss. Jade Wallis

    My favourite from the bestseller box!

  • Hannah Swindells

    These were one of my favourites along with gingerbread. Full of flavour and did not disappoint. When wanting something as a treat but don’t want to worry about syns when on slimming world, these were perfect!

  • Gemma Bullen

    I love these ones! So tasty and moist! Really good flavour and perfect for SW when I fancy a treat! Can’t believe they are so low in calories!

  • Sarah Laird

    So moist and tasted like carrot cake!!! Really enjoyed these pearls!

  • Roxanne

    Absolutely delicious. Perfect ratio of filling to sponge, filling is creamy. All the amazing taste of carrot cake but without the calories. My favourite flavour.

  • Lauren Beck

    By far my favourite, actually taste like carrot cake can’t believe how few calories !

  • Sarah Evans

    Absolutely loved these, couldn’t tell they were low calorie it was the same as eating a slice of really good, moist carrot cake but 2 pearls have only 74 kcals, what is there not to love, will not be buying normal carrot cake again!

  • sara.s.williams

    Love love love these

  • admin1

    These are seriously tasty and they defrost so well!

  • terri_ana

    Not one of my favourites, there was a taste of citrus fruit that over powered this little cake, and I couldn’t tell if it was orange zest or lemon zest. I’d however like the quark substitute for cream cheese filling 😏

  • s_allen99

    Light and tasty! Husband loves his carrot cake and these are a fab and healthier alternative!

  • Michelle Ewan

    My favorites!! These are very moist and light, hard to believe they are only 37 calories they are so good. They allow me to have something sweet without ruining my macros.

  • Alice

    I love carrot cake and absolutely loved these. They were so moist and flavoursome. Definitely satisfy the craving.

  • Chloe Taylor


  • Haylay Forbes

    Definitely a new favourite. They are so tasty, you would never guess they’re so low in calories! They have a lovely orangey tone to them too which I really liked

  • Frankie

    A firm favourite

  • Helen Wilcock

    So moist and delicious. Just as tasty as normal carrot cake but without the high calories. Love these!

  • stresshead5

    As a massive chocoholic I was prepared to be underwhelmed by these. Boy was I wrong these are delicious. Moist, tasty and in no way do you feel like you’re having a low fat dessert. Fantastic.

  • Wendy Mc

    Perfect in every way. Taste, texture and size. Really did make me feel like I was having a nice treat … which I was. My favourites so far.

  • Sharen McCarthy

    Very tasty little treats that don’t leave you feeling like you’ve had a low fat cake. Love them

  • Emily

    Perfect light, sweet bite sized treat!
    Didn’t expect to love this flavour as much but it blew me away!

  • Helen B

    These are super moist and tasty. They taste the same as normal carrot cake or perhaps even nicer. The frosting is also super yummey.

  • gucci_princess12

    These are really nice tasty and moist, you would not think they are skinny! Xx

  • Catherine Scott

    These were bought as part of the pick and mix bundle and they were my favourite, really moist and I would get again!

  • georgiabarnard

    Still my fave 😍😍

  • JackieT

    These are one of my all time favourite flavours, lovers of carrot cake will not be disappointed!

  • Rhiannan Boon

    Absolutely love these gorgeous pearls! So soft, so much flavour and they’re so good for us slimming world people as they’re low in calories! Low calorie cake pearls! What more could you ask for? They’re so good! And they can be frozen! Even better! Everything from skinny bakery is amazing. Would defo recommend!

  • lucylandhayes

    These are gorgeous. The taste is lovely, they are very moist and they are low in calories. Win win.

  • Gemma Roberts

    So tasty & satisfying – can’t believe they are so low in calories!! A must try for carrot cake fans.

  • Stephanie

    Probably the juiciest of all the pearls. so delicious and the frosting is absolutely amazing…

  • Lorraine maguire

    These are just scrimmage I think nicer than any other carrot cake I have had, so moist

  • Emma

    These really help the craving for cake! I love carrot cake but I definitely don’t love the calories in it!! With these you get the best of both worlds

  • Amy

    I am a massive carrot cake fan and it is my weakness(kit can’t say no!!) Gives me the same satisfaction without consuming many many calories.

  • rachel.newton

    Loved these little carrot cakes moist and tasty with lovely filling

  • Stella Redford

    my absolute favourite. love the carrot cake cupcakes, taste just like carrot cake

  • Tracy Reid

    Lovely and tasty bites of carrot cake

  • Leighanne

    Soft sponge and sweet tasting, great low calorie alternative to a usually very calorific treat

  • janemareeosman100

    These cakes taste and smell gorgeous 😁

  • Alice Bowman

    I love these so much, they are my favorite of the Skinny Bakery products I’ve tried! The sponge tastes delicious to me, very like a normal full fat carrot cake but a little lighter in texture. The quark frosting is more tart than cream cheese frosting, but doesn’t taste wildy different, and the sponge is sweet enough to make up for this. They are super tasty treats and definitely taste more unhealthy than 194 calories per pot.

  • gemma.thomas26

    I love these. I am currently on slimming world and these don’t feel like I am on a diet in anyway. Amazing

  • Lauren Kelly

    I absolutely love these cakes! They are so moreish I could eat them in one sitting! I’ll always buy these when placing an order.

  • frankiex22x

    These were my least favouirte but think thats just my taste as was unsure before I ordered, I still ate them all and still a good low calorie treat but as there were others I prefered a lot more don’t think I’ll order these ones again

  • lesleywinstanley

    Amazing little cakey bites of heaven

  • b-e-c-k-y7

    Absolutely beautiful! I can’t believe these are so low in calories! These are the best find ever and I’m happy I can now treat myself in my diet 😍😍

  • Anne Miles

    Wow amazing. I love them. I don’t like what I when I’ve used it in receipes but you can’t tell in these. Fantastic 😁

  • beccw.lech

    Carrot cake is my favourite type of cake and these didn’t disappoint they are bloody beautiful and have a nice sweet kick to them only fault I have was sometimes I got a stringy bit when taking a bite probably off the carrot and I’m dead picky when I eat so it put me off a little but I still ate them all 🐷

  • a.g.cowburn

    Super tasty!

  • Lesley Martin

    A perfect carrot cake

  • nickylacey25

    lovely little bites, better than any “full fat” carrot cakes !

  • z.may

    Had quite a strong cinnamon flavour but I like cinnamon so I enjoyed these

  • rkarlyr

    My all time favourite product! I love carrot cake in general and these really do feel so naughty when you have them and for a lot less calories than a normal carrot cake!

  • livia_ox

    Lovely sponge yet not too overpowering, will be ordering again!

  • adamcroft1996

    Absolutely stunning! Some of the best carrot cake I’ve ever had

  • Adam Croft

    Honestly these were just wow! 10/10 I’m a huge carrot cake lover and honestly they’ve done gooooooood

  • Ellen Jones

    I did enjoy these but they didn’t quite hit the carrot cake mark unfortunately. Still nice, I’m just a big fan of my carrot cake recipe which is a lot more calories unfortunately 🙈

  • droopydraws

    My absolute favourite! Can’t believe these are healthy/slimming world friendly.
    Never thought I would find any tastier than Costa carrot cake but these knocked there socks off
    Will be a definite order in my basket ❤️❤️

  • jodiespokes

    Absolutely loved these. They are light, sweet, gooey and just like a fat carrot cake. In fact might be even better. Can’t recommend enough

  • rduggan89

    My favourites! These were delicious! Love the flavour and sultanas/currants

  • Jazbillen

    These are one of my favourites. I’m not a big fan of raisins but these cakes are so good he raisins don’t bother me.

  • vanessajanewalton78

    These are absolutely delicious and only 2 syns! I like having 3 in a bowl with squirty cream yum!

  • musflower

    Amazing amount of flavor in such a small bite! perfect for the carrot cake lovers. and the cream is delicious! most enjoyable!

  • jademelloy

    These taste exactly like full fat carrot cake, they’re delicious

  • KatieD11

    These taste pretty much like real carrot cake. And I love carrot cake! Really pleased with them and will be ordering many more next time!

  • demi murphy

    These are amazing I absolutely love them!

  • i-want-the-red-one

    So moist and full of flavour!!

  • k-tooley

    Tried these at Slimming world and was pleasantly surprised.

  • robertsrs1

    Oh my! I’m normally a chocolate girl but these were so good.

  • claire.moss02

    dieting has never been easier!!

  • k-tooley

    These are amazing, very flavoursome

  • claire_pemberton89

    Simply delicious! I love carrot cake & these did not disappoint

  • lasmith.1984

    These are my favourite of the whole range. They taste EXACTLY lik a slice of full fat, dairy laden carrot cake. These are so moist and full of flavour. Wow, wow, wow.

  • a_w_phillips

    These are honestly the nicest carrot cakes I’ve tasted!!! So tasty, fluffy moist and just take you to heaven!

  • Frances

    Love carrot cake. These are very moist and light.

  • Samantha Reed

    These are one of my fav purchases from skinny bakery!!! Absolutely delish!!

  • lisa.m.griffiths

    tasted just like carrot cake, love these

  • Serena Monplaisir

    Love, Love , Love these you’ve captured the carrot cake taste so well.

  • emilyknox

    Love love love!!

  • Rachael Plummer

    I am a huge carrot cake fan and the flavour and texture of these is exactly like I’m used to but without the guilt. Big fan

  • sez83

    Absolutely delicious little nuggets of carrot delight! Moist and flavoursome! How can these be skinny? They taste just as good as a full fat cake.

  • natsalt84

    delicious carrot pearls not my favourite of all but lovely and taste great.

  • kay.sadler

    Lovely soft sponge and the frosting is delicious! Will definitely order again.

  • zeezette2003

    These are the most amazing little carrot pearls, definitely satisfy that sweet craving!

  • majakozic

    Another delicious offering from the Skinny Bakery, absolutely loved them! Moist, generous filling and tasty!

  • vikkirgreen

    Amazing! Love love love!

  • caroline.pagebrown

    These little pearls of joy are soft and moist with all the flavour of regular carrot cake. Lovely!

  • Bryony

    My regular treat! Delicious as always

  • cdaniels29

    Absolutely delicious!! So tasty and moist. Can’t belive I can eat carrot cake and still be healthy

  • michelecarey

    I liked these a lot very tasty and curbed my sweet tooth!

  • jfwinkley

    AMAZING!!! loved these!! will be back for more 🙂

  • roxie.smillie

    These were lovely and not too sweet

  • ciaralehane23

    the second you open the tub, you get the distinct carrot smell which is great and they are so moist and fresh …amazing product!

  • leannehazel

    I love carrot cake and these really hit the spot!!

  • judywatkiss

    Absolutely perfect carrot cake flavours. How did I survive before I discovered the skinny bakery!

  • jodie-gilmour

    I love carrot cake, and these are just pefect.

  • julie66jlm

    I adore these, carrot cake without the guilt. Moist and so full of sweet lovely flavours PERFECT

  • vaisbartta

    Got these sent to me and they were so so yummy!!!

  • michelle24pollard

    i love the creamy filling mixed with the cake, i don’t usually like carrot cake these have changed my mind on them, i would recommend

  • nickylacey25

    lovely little carrot cakes, light and moist and tasty

  • katrinacvetkova

    Super yummy!

  • hedwards3

    Wow ! These are amazing. The flavours, cream cheese filling and walnuts are so good. Had to stop myself from eating the whole tub. I will definitely be buying them again.

  • Amanda

    I love these lovely cake taste with cream cheese filling

  • k_a_dixon

    Moist and the filling and spices are perfect

  • Nadia

    Love carrot cake but hate nuts so the walnuts had to be picked off (but that’s personal taste). No complaints about the cake though.

  • Stephanie

    love these! so tasty!!

  • kathryn1

    yummy yummy taste like the most indulgent piece of carrot cake but without all the calories will buy again xx

  • rachelhsharp

    so happy to have a way to eat carrot cake where I don’t pile on the pounds!

  • brookelouise2014

    So soft and very nice flavour

  • angelkittykat2

    So moreish!!?

  • hardeepkg81

    Love these, gorgeous flavour.

  • karen_thompson_12

    One of the nicest carrot cakes I’ve tried, so moist

  • karen_thompson_12

    These are my favourite. Absolutely divine & very moreish

  • kk84361

    Absolutely love carrot cake and these definitely hit the spot! Lovely and moist with the right spice taste and the nuts too fantastic and if wondering they are all like a real cake with less syn can not praise enough .

  • Lauryn O’Reilly

    Really good ?

  • zarajayneworton

    I love carrot cake and being able to eat cake without the guilt instead of a full fat cake filled with who knows what, this is a healthier alternative and I love it!!

  • jenren208

    I love carrot cake and these do not disappoint. Delicious!

  • deborahsutcliffe79

    Really delicious nom nom

  • kensingtonscarborough

    I loved these will be buying them again and I think the girls at slimming world will too.

  • Letticiacarwenthomas

    In love with these, they taste so naughty:)

  • bethanylew94

    For someone who isn’t a massive carrot cake fan these were really good!
    My mum loves carrot cake and said these were AMAZING!

  • clairematthewhague

    I love carrot cake and I love this equally as much! Yummy!

  • jessicatye88

    These carrot pearls were by far my favourite from my pic n mix order! So moist and delicious. The flavour in them is awesome and you wouldn’t know they were low fat etc. I may be ordering a lot of these…. utterly fabulous!

  • Rachel Minshull

    Skinny carrot cake… absolutely beautiful, they taste so much nicer than normal carrot cake and the filling is perfect.

  • maizbird

    I really loved the spicing of these carrot pearls, it was almost identical to regular carrot cake and the sultanas were a nice surprise and gave it a lovely texture. The filling in these pearls is especially nice as it compliments the flavour of the cakes really well. The only thing I would say is that they are slightly drier than normal carrot cake and the bites left without filing can be a little bit difficult to swallow, however I would buy them again.

  • karen_thompson_12

    Gorgeous flavour. Best of the lot in my opinion

  • karen_thompson_12

    Absolute heaven. Gorgeous flavour

  • karen_thompson_12

    Absolutely divine. Gorgeous flavour

  • chrads13

    Really nice like all skinny bakery stuff is so glad I came across these amazing treats if you like carrot cake you can’t go wrong with these .

  • eejay1973

    These are so my favourite. Ordered more the day my 1st pot arrived. So glad I discovered skinny bakery

  • Ruby

    My favourite cake is carrot and these taste just like a carrot cake….its got a lovely texture and box ends to quickly…

  • Xxjoanne01xX

    These are my favourite pearls! Soooo delicious and taste so naughty but without the guilt xx

  • mel.dawes

    I brought these ones as a risk. I’m a bit picky with my carrot cakes but these did taste good but maybe without the nuts next time. I’m not a fan of nuts!

  • georgia.burns1996

    These were really tasty and nice

  • broon88

    I have ordered these twice now and they r amazing, perfect for that little bit of cake without wanting the whole thing. Will be getting these again. Love them especially for slimming world x

  • laurieaston

    These mini cakes are so yummy! Really moist and the filling is so creamy.

  • nicobrien2005

    Absolutely amazing had to freeze straight away to stop me from eating them all

  • Kirsty.mahon

    This was the first out of my Skinny Bakery order that I’d frozen and defrosted. I was not disappointed. Beautifully moist, delicately spiced, and the filling was the perfect mix of creamy and tangy. Lovely

  • beverleylawrance

    These were gorgeous! Definitely one of my favourite, I’m already wanting more!

  • zcgbw58

    Beautiful! Tastes just like normal carrot cake!

  • petrellia

    I miss carrot cake so much when I’m dieting and so I’ve fallen in love with these! So moist and yummy! I’m so conflicted because I want to tell all my friends about them and let them try one too, but then there would be less for me!

  • joanne_allen_91

    Absolutely gorgeous cakes! Very moist even when defrosted – so tasty!

  • bonnietaylor27

    I’m a massive carrot cake fan and think these are a really tasty alternative.

  • rebeccafayefletcher

    I ate the packet in one ? tastes exactly the same as “proper” carrot cake! Moist and perfectly bitesized

  • lauren_89le

    Well these are amazing!!!!! They don’t taste like a ‘skinny’ cake at all! Will definitely be getting more of these again!

  • hayes.carla

    Love carrot cake and these didn’t disappoint, tasted just like full fat carrot cake and I could of eaten more than a couple. Would definitely recommend these

  • jill.davidson

    Absolutely amazing!!! Can’t get enough of these. Definitely one of the best!

  • Daniel Bowles

    My 2nd favorite after the lemon cheesecake pearls. Tastes like proper carrot cake.

  • lhickman1982

    Ordered 2 lots of these and I soooo glad I did – carrot cake is my favourite cake and these did not disappoint- well done skinny bakery!! Yum!

  • carlybramer

    I LOVE carrot cake and have never been able to find a fat free alternative, these are them!! So moist, so delicious and sooo good!!! Amazing sweet treat without the guilt!

  • ezzie_bate

    This are amazing. So light and moist and taste exactly like normal, yummy carrot cake. I bought a big order and froze a lot of the pearls but these did not make it to the freezer.

  • katie_walsh26

    Carrot cake is my absolute favourite. These cakes were the first i tried and are beautifully made. The exact taste of carrot cake i love with the low calories, fat and sugar we all want. My favourites !

  • katie_walsh26

    Carrot cake is my absolute favourite. These cakes are moist, and beautifully made. The exact taste of carrot cake i love with the low calories, fat and sugar we all want. My favourites !