Dark Chocolate Doughnuts (Pack of 4)


"Very light with lovely chocolate inside. Perfect as a guilt free indulgent treat"

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Powdered doughnuts with a dark chocolate frosting centre.

  • 30% less sugar
  • Baked not fried
  • With 6% Belgian chocolate
  • With sweet potato
  • Free-range eggs
  • No palm oil
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial flavours
  • Free from colours
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Slimming and Weight Watchers friendly
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Pack design may vary.

For best results warm in the microwave for 10 seconds – caution filling may be hot.

Typical Values Per 100g Per Pack (80g) Per Doughnut (20g)
Energy (kJ) 1274 1019 255
Energy (kcal) 305 244 61
Fat (g) 10.3 8.2 2.1
of which Saturates (g) 2.1 1.7 0.4
Carbohydrates (g) 45.3 36.2 9.1
of which Sugars (g) 10.0 8.0 2.0
Fibre (g) 2.4 1.9 0.5
Protein (g) 7.7 6.2 1.5
Salt (g) 0.31 0.24 0.06

Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Wheat Gluten, Tofu (Soya) (Water, Soya Bean, Isolated Soya Protein), Sweet Potato Puree, Dark Chocolate (6.6%) (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Natural Vanilla Flavouring), Rapeseed Oil, Sugar, Humectant (Vegetable Glycerine), Pasteurised Free Range Dried Whole Egg, Dried Skimmed Milk, Dextrose, Cornflour, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Natural Flavouring, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Yeast, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)

For allergens including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold. May contain Tree Nuts, SulphitesPeanut

Net weight 80g

Our doughnuts have a shelf life of 4+ days in a cool cupboard.

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  • Jessica Clark

    Haven’t had a donut in months, these are definitely worth the wait!


    I wasn’t sure what to expect from doughnuts, but they were really tasty, I think I’ll try them warm next time I imagine they will be even better!

  • Katherine Drummond

    Wonderful, fluffy and gorgeous can’t taste the difference

  • rimsha1256

    This had a lovely texture and slight taste of dark chocolate inside

  • louisestylesxx

    Absolutely love these can enjoy nice donut without breaking my calorie deficit and tasted lovel 😍

  • Dawn Lee

    My husband is a donut fanatic and loved these. They are perfect little treats.

  • shanice.stevens615

    My all time favourite and good as a little snack when your on the go at work like me

  • Peta Wakelin

    Wow so tasty perfect treat full of flavour

  • tronca33

    Very nice,small doughnuts just enough with my coffee,and gilt free🎂Thank you…

  • kristinejensson

    Favorite doughnuts out there! Fantastic taste and can easily be part of a healthy lunch or smaller meal 🙂

  • Tracey Crane

    So good. Even my daughter loved them!

  • diamondclear95

    Absolutely additive, much better than any other skinny doughnuts I’ve tried!

  • Manveen Twohill

    Not what I was expecting, but nice. They are denser than a traditional doughnut. Centre was a good consistency

  • Naomi Hunter

    Delicious and so filling

  • crw3333

    They’re ok, I found more bready than a doughnut. Sticking to the yummy pearls for me.

  • lipaxhussain

    These were so different but absolutely delicious, 0 guilt of having these!!

  • Aimee Payne

    Delicious. I ate the whole pack in one go ! Ooops will obviously need to order more

  • Lindsay Gordon

    Perfect little treat!

  • Keris De Villiers

    Pretty good
    But do not enjoy the donuts as much as the pearls

  • Vicky Johnson

    My husband didn’t get to try any because having tasted one I kept the rest for myself. Perfect afternoon treat with a cuppa, delicious, moist and rich but not too much. Yum!

  • Amanda Haimes

    Love that I can now have a donut and feel guilt free!!

  • Michelle Porter

    Love these the chocolate is so yummy . They are a nice size not too little and not too much I found them filling .

  • Viv Hottot

    Never expected much from these, how can a doughnut, that isn’t a doughnut taste like a doughnut, well these do, they’re perfect for that sweet fix, but not with all the sugars

  • Katie Taylor-Smith

    Really tasty and makes it better that they are such low calories.

  • Alexis Karlsson-Jones

    Love having a slightly larger treat to choose from the pearls. Very satisfying with good flavour. I didn’t think they tasted exactly like doughnuts but still very nice and I’d love to see a custard flavour if at all possible in the future!

  • kellydavies575

    OMG I want more! These are so good. Little dounuts but so good for the calories. These will defo be on my next order.

  • j.pegler

    The dark donuts are delicious and best eaten as soon as you can. They don’t freeze as well as the pearls hut in our house they are always eaten well before we need to freeze them. Enjoy.

  • Salma Malaika

    They’re quite dry but I’ve seen people mentioning heating it up or having it with coffee to get it moister, so perhaps should give that a shot. I love how generous the filling is!

  • Mengmeng Liu

    A bit hard, but becomes soft when heated.Tasty!

  • Enzo Papa

    The chocolate they use for these is nice and the amount inside is surprisingly enough. That could be down too the richness of the dark chocolate. It’s also pretty creamy

  • Tracey Taylor

    Light, chocolatey and satisfying. A great treat for when the craving for something sweet kicks in.

  • emmakullman

    Nothing can beat the pearls but they are good if you like donuts for a low calorie option! I heated mine up to give it the donut feeling!

  • paulacorby15

    a little disappointed, seemed very dense on the outside but the filling was good. Not the same as a normal doughnut but ok

  • Sarah Agraviador

    These are wonderful. Ok, they are not exactly the same as full fat/sugar/calorie doughnuts but they are a delicious alternative & a real treat.

  • samanthalee3

    They are very tasty, but not my favorite, would recommend taking out of the fridge for a few hours before eating to bring to room temp.

  • samanthajane2500

    Slightly disappointed with these in comparison to the other lovely products.

  • Abigail Kirkby

    A little dry but perfect with a brew! So tasty and I don’t feel guilty about eating a donut now!

  • Michele McNair

    Definitely my favourite doughnut. I personally prefer the pearls but these are delicious. If you’re a doughnut lover, I’d definitely recommend.

  • Sarah Allinson

    These are so so good for that chocolate fix, not quite the same as normal donuts but still just as good!

  • sharnelle123

    ABSOLUTELY beautiful! NO way are these such low syn?! I had one of these and literally felt like I’ve cheated and gone off plan 🤷🏽‍♀️🥺😍 thank you!

  • Gemma Devlin

    Amazing . . . Really curbs the cravings!

  • garyjvalentine1

    Better than your average doughnuts

  • Emma Hart

    A little dry. But lovley texture, I dunked them in yogurt.

  • etaylor01

    OMG just like eating a proper doughnut without the guilt these will be in my list again for my next order

  • Phoebe Torrance

    The best donuts, the sugar on top is crazy good!

  • anouskawalks


  • Eva Pangea

    I liked them a lot! They taste much better than the normal doghnuts you can buy because they are less sweet to a sickly level like most of donuts are. The chocolate filling was surprising a lot. They were tasting less fresh than the cupcakes but still great enough for me to re-order. I will order them regularly and this time I will try the jam donuts and the while chocolate donuts as well!

  • carolhawes67

    I have never had these before and the are delicious. Chill them in the fridge to ramp the deliciousness into orbit!

  • jberry85540

    These donuts are really tadty

  • Julie Parker

    Enjoyed them, did find them a little dry. But wont stop me buying them.

  • Jess Todd

    Perfect for hitting those doughnut cravings without ruining your diet. Recommend

  • annahooperanna113

    These are tasty, and as doughnuts are one of my favourite sweet treats, I feel like I’m not missing out.

  • Charlotte Russell

    These were actually not as good as I was hoping. I think keeping them in the fridge might have dried them out a little. Having with some light whipped cream made them tasty but not sure I’d order them again to be honest!

  • Melanie Cleaves

    Small, but oh so delicious!

  • Jackie Donelan

    Loved the chocolate filling in these doughnuts and a better texture to the jam doughnuts as not so dry. You get more bang for your buck with the doughnuts too as they are slightly bigger than the pearls.

  • Hayley Lewis

    Delicious! & moist

  • Suzanna O’Sullivan

    Absolutely delicious and moreish. It’s easy to eat the whole carton and know that you are not being over calorific with the treats.

  • claire holden

    Like these as a chocolate fix, not my favourite but very nice

  • Amelie Cleret

    I was a little bit disappointed with these. Don’t get me wrong, they tasted nice but I wouldn’t call them donuts. They were quite dry, more bread like than I would expect them to be.

  • SM

    Not quite the texture you’d expect. Prefer the pearls but the chocolate filling is tasty in the doughnuts.

  • laurenf1992

    Not much chocolate filling in, was quite disappointed

  • Tracey Hedges

    Love these!

  • John Chappell

    Coupling the not-quite-right baked-doughnut texture with the double chocolate flavour leaves you wishing you’d had a double chocolate pearl instead. Those are excellent, these are merely okay. Caution: I’m not a massive fan of double chocolate doughnuts made in the traditional manner, either, so bear that in mind. But DO try the pearls!

  • Emma Kinchin

    These are some of the tastiest doughnuts I have ever had the honour of eating! Am defo ordering again!! *****

  • Alison Lowe

    These were ok – but they are too many calories, when I prefer some of the Pearls. They were dry, chewy and didn’t have the wow factor of the pearls – I won’t buy these again.

  • sarah.amawi95

    Great taste but the dough was a bit dry and did not get better after heating

  • Tia Woods

    These are sooooo delicious I cannot wait to order more!! So satisfying and would highly recommend

  • Eleanor Fisk

    Loved these chocolate filled doughnuts! They were a little bit dry, but much tastier than I thought they would be. Pleasantly surprised and will happily order again!

  • Jennifer Buntin

    They were a bit dry and weren’t worth 60 calories when the pearls and meringue cookies are so much yummier.

  • Heather Forster

    These were easily the least favourite from our order: they were really dry so, for us, definitely not worth 60 calories when there are pearls to be had. However, given the other, more positive, reviews, it may be that we were unlucky.

  • lorna.montgomery

    Really lovely. First time buying but will definitely be buying again

  • gill.cass

    wow these donuts really taste fantastic and are delicious it is amazing how low the calories are. They are a great way for a treat to help keep you healthy and low weight great for slimming world syns.

  • ruhenaali

    Lovely! Nice low calorie treats. Would highly recommend

  • Elizabeth Hope

    Tasty! Will probably have more pears though as they’re even more delicious than the donuts

  • albiismaili22

    Best so far will be having again

  • albiismaili22

    I love them could eat all so delicious 😋

  • Sandra King

    Love these I definitely recommend them. The sponge was nice and my favourite dark chocolate definitely buy them again nice for people on diet you can have your cake eat it. Pleased my friend told me about this site. I have sent link to my family friends.

  • haychedee

    I was a little sceptical about how much chocolate would be in them as they are low cal but actually it had so much chocolate it was delicious and not dry at all

  • kerrie_felstead

    Lovely doughnut, although I found then a little dry after a couple of days. As they are so low in calories I’d just eat them up sooner next time!

  • debbie_smith_uk

    Like with the white chocolate ones i also found these a little f=dry but i did prefer the flavour of the dark chocolate

  • Karen Currie

    A fabulous addition to the range – I’d never have a normal doughnut so this is a great treat for me with a coffee!

  • Stuart Hoff

    Lovely but I would recommend not eating them straight from the fridge! A filling treat.

  • Kerri Enderby

    Really dry and chewy

  • kyml.ellis

    Loved these doughnuts and there was plenty of chocolate filling!

  • Kate Lawson

    Amazing product and fabulous treat for someone attending slimming world

  • Lorraine Cook

    Not bad substitute for a donut I find they dont stay as fresh as the cakes but still yummy 😋

  • gdnuri83

    I could never find something as similar to a doughnut, that tasted this good. Couldn’t recommend more!

  • Elisabeth Sankey

    These were lovely, well filled and tasty

  • stephaniectaft

    I think these are the nicest of everything I’ve tried, the powder coating and the filling and texture were all gorgeous

  • lisablack84

    Absolutely amazing

  • curvy1970

    Dark chocolate is truly my favourite … so pleased ifound you guys … thankyou .. a little treat once in a while and great for freezing they taste lush straight from the freezer ❤

  • curvy1970

    yum yum yum …indulge without the guilt thankyou skinny bakery ❤

  • lucy.males409

    Very tasty although not as soft as the cake pearls

  • bchance82

    Totally stunning, only negative is that we can’t have more without being too naughty. Highly recommend.

  • lucy.e.james

    These are Amazing! Super yummy, filling and SW friendly! Defo will get some more of these!

  • bmeljayne

    Love these doughnuts, very tasty and great if your on slimming world

  • hannahmcintosh

    Perfection. I’d give more than 5 stars if I could.

  • anniprice03

    Really yummy, definitely worth buying 🙂

  • missklcarr

    These taste so indulgent, can’t believe how few calories there are in them.

  • Louise Lim

    Really like the chocolate flavour and I don’t feel guilty even if I have a few of these!

  • chisholm_laura

    Great. Really indulgent. Will buy again.

  • Sarah Flude

    Wow… These are amazing, I like them warmed up. So lovely and no guilt afterwards.

  • ruthhunney

    Loved these. Quite easily smashed a box in! But the best thing is, I was able to do so without feeling guilty or going off plan as I was still within my syns. Fab! Thanks skinny bakery 🍩🍩🍩

  • Rachel Tebbs

    Would never know these were ‘healthy’ and better for you! Moist and tasty. Will definitely order again!

  • katiechloe1991

    Lovely little snacks and very low in calories

  • Helen Friend

    These are potentially my favourite treats that I’ve tried by skinny bakery. They taste so naughty, I can’t believe they’re so low in calories. 💜

  • rhianlindley

    These are absolutely delicious! I’m filling my freezer xx
    I enjoyed them slightly warmed… dark chocolate was melted and sooooo yum.

  • Lynne Summerfield

    These are defo my absolute favourite

  • Wyomi Lawrinson

    Absolutely love these!! So tasty and can’t believe how low calorie they are. I had a couple of these whilst my partner had some supermarket doughnuts and I can honestly say I didn’t feel left out!!

  • Caroline O’neill

    Really hit the spot for me when I’m craving something sweet!

  • julianne_a

    Love these chocolate donuts, really satisfies that little donut craving

  • bernadettewinters

    These dark chocolate doughnuts are by far my favourite! They really help with my sweet tooth, they taste amazing !

  • Joanna Leeuwerke

    Little doughy balls of deliciousness. The dark chocolate works so well in these. Would love to see a wider range of Skinny Bakery doughnuts.

  • dawnmilnes9

    Recommend these 110%
    The texture n taste is just unbelievable… nom nom nom xx

  • garlandlaura

    Taste amazing!!! Guilt free pleasure.

  • Caroline

    OMG these are amazing! I’m super picky with textures but these were perfect, moist and soooo yummy. Would not know they were a healthy choice as feel like they should be naughty treat. Highly recommend!

  • Ashley McNamee

    Love these…cant believe they are so low in calories, feels like eating a real donught only a bit smaller

  • sambailey2514

    These are amazing, lovely and tasty and helped with the treat I needed. Highly recommend

  • Lynne Summerfield

    Absolutely love these doughnuts definitely my favourite. Highly recommend

  • lobs8

    Amazing!!!!! Lovely chocolate filling and only 50 cal! What more can you ask for ! Delicious

  • misswyatt81

    Not the biggest dark choc fan so would prefer milk but very tasty

  • beccam942

    Amazing taste!! I’m obsessed with these and can’t believe they’re only 50 kcal per donut! Will definitely be ordering more

  • Gemma Bullen

    I love the flavour of these but did find them a little dry. Next time I want to try the white chocolate ones!

  • Katy Campbell

    Liked these doughnuts, although a little dry would order again.

  • Emily Dowling

    These are definitely my favourite flavour! Delicious!!


    At long last a doughnut I can have. The chocolate ones are my absolute favourite.

  • Gemma Lundy

    I absolutely love these, a proper treat but for less calories! Yum!

  • shaunb

    Love these! My favourite product I’ve tried so far, will be going straight back on my next order.


    All i can say is YUMMY!!! so light and delicious.

  • Linda anderson

    These are lovely and really hit the spot if you want a guilt free treat

  • Kirsty

    Really tasty and filling. Amazing for hitting the spot when you’re craving a carby treat. I gave 4 stars rather than 5 as the texture was a little bit dry, but they’re very good and it wouldn’t stop me ordering again!

  • Claire

    These doughnuts are absolutely amazing. They taste delicious. I will definitely be ordering again. So nice to have found such a lovely low calorie treat.

  • Andreea Varasteanu

    These doughnuts are my favourite ones. The flavour is amazing. I prefer milk chocolate, but I love these. I wonder how milk chocolate ones would taste like!

  • Yvette

    These donuts are by far my favourite item in this whole site! They are absolutely delicious and satisfy my chocolate craving in just one donut. I love these!

  • Gillian Jackson

    Oh my word these are delicious! I love the jam doughnuts but wasn’t sure how chocolate would work but my they work! Feels like such a naughty treat for so few calories! I’ve lost over 3 stone so far and these have definitely helped me!

  • Leanda Richmond

    These were absolutely delicious, so soft and fluffy. Couldn’t believe I could eat eat them and not have to worry about having too many syns

  • beckyaj

    These doughnuts are amazing. Don’t usually like dark chocolate, but could easily eat all of these. Highly recommend.

  • Verónica Almeida

    I don’t like dark chocolate, but these doughnuts? I love them! It’s impressive!

  • stresshead5

    I’m not the biggest fan of doughnuts but thought I would give these a try. Wow- these blew my socks off. Great texture, lovely taste and enough of them to make you feel properly satiated. These don’t taste low fat at all.

  • R.H

    Yum! Much better than expected. They are so delicious….enough for the family to enjoy as well!

  • Vy

    Ok wow. If you are on a diet and are craving donuts then !!! I’m on a cut right now and these chocolate donuts are hitting the spot. OBSESSED

  • Gemma

    These are yummy. When they were delivered I popped them in the fridge & then they came back out pretty sharpish. Very light with lovely chocolate inside. Perfect as a guilt free indulgent treat.

  • Lucy Painter

    Love these chocolate doughnuts they are so delicious. I can’t believe they are so low in calories. Feels like you’re having a real treat!

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