New Frosting Spreads Shaking Up Baking at Skinny Bakery


Published on 07/04/2023

Here at Skinny Bakery HQ, we are delighted to say that last year we expanded our range and introduced a real game-changing product to our menu. Introducing our all-new Skinny Bakery Frosting Spreads!

Launched as a healthy alternative to the World’s most popular spread, Skinny Bakery Frosting Spreads are equally delicious slathered on pancakes, toast and waffles as they are used to top cupcakes. Made with real Belgian chocolate and natural sweetener xylitol found in birch trees, these healthy spreads are completely palm oil free.

Founder Mariella Heyn commented “We are proud to say that our Frosting Spreads contain up to 63% fewer calories and up to 72% less sugar compared with leading brands with no artificial ingredients and free from colours. All our Frosting Spreads are packaged with a biodegradable card sleeve and glass jar making them plastic-free.”

The launch of the new Frosting Spreads has seen orders soar, with sales from the company’s loyal customer base (which includes actress Phoebe Torrance and Television personality Holly Hagan) as well as our 176,000 Instagram followers. One follower posted “WOW WOW WOW GAME CHANGER COMING THROUGH” whilst another commented “10/10 from me”.

This London-based food company was established in 2013 by Mariella Heyn. With a vision to produce delicious, healthy baked goodies at a fraction of the calories of the average leading brand baked goods, Mariella has taken her passion for baking healthy cakes and carved out a clear place for Skinny Bakery in the healthy snack market. Mariella commented, “I started Skinny Bakery because I really believe cakes don’t have to be naughty.”

Skinny Bakery has 20 products in its core range, plus limited edition lines that change as Mariella tries out new recipes and ingredients. Offering classic flavours with a twist to provide an indulgent taste but a lighter and healthier version, Mariella swaps high-fat cream cheese for quark, chocolate ganache frosting for tofu and low-fat yoghurt and sweetens with fruit puree and dates to avoid overuse of refined sugar. Typically containing only 30-40 calories per piece and portioned into grab-and-go packs.

Her range of Pearls, brownies, doughnuts and cookies are full of all kinds of healthy ingredients but taste like all kinds of scrumptiousness making them the perfect snacks for everyday indulgence. Skinny Bakery has proved to be particularly popular with the sugar-conscious, dieters, and health and fitness focussed consumers as well as catering to vegan and gluten and dairy intolerant diets.

For more information and to check out this fantastic new range click this link and find out what’s shaking up tasty treats today!

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